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Student Life

Student Life's mission is “to prepare young people for fulfillment, happiness, and success in life through the rigorous and healthy development of intellect, conscience, mind, body, and spirit.” Student Life supports the students in their pursuit through discussion and activities to promote student agency and efficacy.


The central mission for Advisory is for the Advisor to know their Advisees and provide another adult resource and source of counsel for them on campus. The advisory is one part of students’ strong sense of belonging to the Wooster community, and a part of the foundation that they build on to develop independence and self-advocacy skills.

Jobs Program

Self-reliance, personal and community responsibility, and justifiable pride -- all elements of Wooster’s Self-help philosophy -- are not easily taught. A firm attempt to do so is made through the student-administered Jobs Program. Believing that full individuality is achieved only when community service plays a role in shaping it, Wooster makes daily demands on students to be involved in maintaining the school and its campus.

Through this program, Wooster hopes that each student will learn something about the balance between leading and personal responsibility. We believe that the combination of peer responsibility and peer accountability provides positive guidance toward maturity, helps build a sense of community, and is the essence of our school and a Self-help way of life.

Leave it better than you found it. A simple maxim. In our fast-paced, go-go-go, me-me-me world, unfortunately, this is too easily forgotten.

Self-Help at Wooster

Sarah Lucic

Sarah Lucic

Dean of Students

Joined Wooster in 2006-2007

Cameron Swallen

Cameron Swallen

Assistant Dean of Students

Joined Wooster in 2018-2019