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Making and Design

In order to fulfill our mission to “prepare each individual for college and a useful life,” we must include a thoughtful vision of the role of technology. It is clear that technology is becoming ever more central to our lives, and as such, it is vital that we seek to understand it.

As we strive to create Wooster students who value curiosity, kindness, and the search for truth, we should be preparing them to do this as technologically capable and educated people, as well. Courses in Technology and Design allow our students to express themselves in new ways, to see connections between disciplines that were not possible a few years ago, and to learn with their hands as well as their minds.  

Dakin Roy

Making and Design Teacher

Joined Wooster in 2021-2022

The Upper School Making and Design curriculum offers the flexibility of individual projects and decision making as well as learning to collaborate in a team environment. Students brainstorm designs that are user-friendly, elegant, and functional.

Discussing and building these concepts in a variety of media allows for exploration, discourse, revisions, and ultimately stronger and more well-rounded designs. Practices that relate to a wider demographic and potentially solve engineering problems in new exciting ways are encouraged and celebrated.

Courses Include:

  • Engineering and Design
    • Students focus on the physics of designing structures such as towers and bridges.
  • Industrial Design
    • This course bridges the creativity of fine arts and the utilitarian application of design.
  • Open Makerspace
    • This is an intentionally open-ended course in which students will design and build their own projects.

Courses with our Partner, Global Online Academy Include:

  • Beginning Programming
  • Advanced Programming

Upper School Course of Study

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