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Uniquely Wooster

Be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Can you feel difference? We think so. See below to learn what we’re about, and why. Then come see us in person to feel the difference.

A Culture of Inclusivity & Belonging

At Wooster, everyone finds their place. In part the result of our small size, our unique culture allows people to feel comfortable discovering who they really are, and who they want to be. We feel strongly there is no more important bedrock for adolescent development than this. Listen to the stories below for what this sounds and feels like from our students, faculty, and parents.

Redefining Rigor

At Wooster, we think about rigor differently. Our teachers -- and students -- are much more likely to explain to you what deep, “rigorous” thinking actually is, rather than quote the minutes per night of homework that they do. This philosophy infuses all teaching and learning that we do, and is the bedrock of our embedded honors and Deep Learning Initiatives.

An Ethos of Self-Help, Since 1926

Leave it better than you found it. A simple maxim. In our fast-paced, go-go-go, me-me-me world, unfortunately, this is too easily forgotten.

At Wooster, every student learns the importance of this value, every day. As part of the broader Self-Help Ethos with which the school was founded, we have a robust Jobs Program. A true student-led initiative, every student is assigned to a team led by one of our Senior Prefects -- 14 of our oldest students who have earned positions as the leaders of our campus. Some students have Jobs in the old-school sense. Think: vacuuming, cleaning windows, sweeping staircases. Others practice Self-Help in broader ways, assisting with Equity & Justice initiatives, campus grounds, food practices, or sustainability. Through Jobs, students learn that, like those who came before them, Wooster is their school, and that they are stewards for the next generation that will come after them. They learn to lead and follow. One day, they may be Prefects themselves.

A Professional and Student-Centered Learning Community

What makes great learning? Great teaching.

Because of this simple truth, Wooster focuses its resources and invests heavily in teacher development. With priorities framed annually by the Head of School and academic leadership, our teachers engage in daily professional learning aimed at making our instructional practices active, engaging, and hands-on, from students’ perspectives. Through regular collaboration intentionally designed in our schedule, teachers learn together, improve their own lessons, and then share what they’ve learned, providing each other feedback and leveraging the best of what is happening across all classrooms in the school.

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