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Tricks and Treats: Sugar at Wooster

Here at Wooster School, like many schools, we love a good party and we love the treats that come with them. We love the treats so much that they have transcended the parties. Bowls and jars of candy, cupcakes, cookies and the current favorite -- donuts -- abound. I see so many Dunkin’ Donuts …

Posted by Matt Byrnes in Learning on Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 12:24PM
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Brain Pickings, for your Creative and Conceptual Thinking

For the last several years, I’ve been following a website called Brain Pickings (brainpickings.org), which curates content related to thinking, creativity, writing and, well, the meaning of life. It sounds like a tall order, but the site is structured around a particular book or books each week, …

Posted by Matt Byrnes in Creativity on Thursday September 4, 2014
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Eat, Move, Sleep

This was a particularly dismal winter for anyone like me who likes to run outdoors. The difference for me this year was that for the first time in recent memory, I had a treadmill nearby, in the gym at Wooster, so I started to make like a hamster and run on the wheel. I discovered that one of the …

Posted by Matt Byrnes in Learning, Thinking on Monday June 23, 2014 at 12:28PM
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Some Thinking about Thinking

Knowledge comes on the coattails of thinking – David Perkins

Because making thinking visible has been so much a part of our work with teachers and students this year, I thought it sensible to spend some time reflecting upon our efforts in my first official blog post.

So what the heck is “making …

Posted by Matt Byrnes in Thinking on Thursday April 17, 2014 at 08:48AM
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The Blog Begins...

Before I start posting my thinking to this blog site, it is important for people – teachers, parents, hopefully students – to understand that this is a space in which I am looking to share ideas. The posts will be neither policy statements nor guidelines for action but rather a chance for me to …

Posted by Matt Byrnes in Learning on Monday April 7, 2014
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Matt Byrnes
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What I Have Been Reading:


The Martian, Andy Weir

Not just for sci-fi fans. Fun, exciting, and interesting story about what it would be like to survive on Mars.

Sold, Patrica McCormick

The story of a 12 year-old Nepalese girl who is sold into slavery in the sex trade of India. Based upon true accounts. Tough to read, but important to read as well because human trafficking is a real, and growing, problem.

Non-fiction for Fun:

The Boys in the Boat, Daniel J. Brown

Great story and some very interesting history.

An Army at Dawn and The Day of Battle, Rick Atkinson

The first two books of the Liberation Trilogy will teach you a lot about the evolution of our involvement in World War Two.

About School, Thinking, Teaching, Learning, etc.:

Why Children Don’t Like School, Daniel Willingham

Lots of neuroscience well-connected to the life of school, teaching, and learning.

Make it Stick, Peter Brown, et al.

More neuroscience but a deeper dive into how we (and students) can “forget less” if we make some changes to our behaviors, routines, and assessments. Our faculty read this past summer.

Leadership, Innovation, and making things work:

The Hard Thing about Hard Things, Ben Horowitz

How successful start-ups and innovators work.

Things a Little Bird Told Me, Biz Stone

Twitter Founder writes about his journey -- a great read for any teenager or parent of one.

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