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Springtime traditions are alive and well at Wooster

By Brooke Thaler, Publications Teacher

In the past several days, Wooster’s Senior Prefects have made their way up the Chapel steps twice to ring the bell, indicating that an important event is about to begin. On Friday, April 13, at 9:00 am when the bell rang, days of speculation and guessing were confirmed -- it was DQ Day! As a mom of three students myself, it had been a hot topic of discussion over dinner and in car rides -- all of us trying to guess exactly when it would be. When we all saw a sunny, warm forecast for Friday, confidence was high that it would be the day. Students were lurking in the dining room, trying to figure out what was for lunch, looking for hints from their teachers (who also don’t know what day it would be), and checking out every possible scenario for the schedule. Confidence became so high on Friday that many students gathered outside of the library to listen for the bell. Once it rang, cheers erupted, and students poured out of every building on campus. From seniors to preschoolers and including teachers, there was a smile on everyone’s face as we all dispersed to spend the day as we wanted, with our friends, enjoying the beautiful weather.

Upon our arrival to school on Monday, we were dressed in our Event Dress and ready for the Junior Moving Up ceremony. Once again, the Prefects rang the bell, signaling the start of another coveted Wooster tradition, as the jobs get passed down from seniors to juniors. After much anticipation and thoughtful assessment of the rising senior class, the newest leaders and roles were announced, and the Classes of 2018 and 2019 switched places in the gym.

As traditions continue, they also change a bit to accommodate growth. This year, the Senior Prefect role was divided into two positions -- one representing the Jobs program, and the other, Self-Help. It was an exciting development, and two deserving students will now take the reins together.

Later this week, spring traditions will continue. We will gather together once again for Senior Send-Off and bid farewell to the Class of 2018 as students on campus as they head off for the Senior Independent Study program. While some of the scenery, people, and details may be a bit different from your days as a student, what makes Wooster, well… Wooster, is still the same. Our traditions, our community, the ringing of the bells -- the essence of the school that stays with all of us, long after these spring events are over.

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