Holiday Gifts This Season
Posted 12/03/2021 01:17PM

With the holidays approaching and the shortage of staff and supplies everywhere, it is no doubt that you might have issues finding the perfect holiday gifts for your friends and family. The shortage of supplies and staff has been an ongoing issue for months now. Many companies are having trouble keeping up with all the high demands. Shortages range from Apple products, shoes, clothing, and even gaming consoles. The current shortage is partially because of everyone trying to get their gifts, but also because many companies have short stock on products and can't get their stock back in stores/online. Therefore many products are on backorder, preorder, or out of stock completely. A Forbes article was written on the delays and shortages of many different companies. The article states; "Retailers remain mostly optimistic about how the supply chain disruptions will affect their margins. Over two-thirds said that they expect less than a 10% loss, while 27 percent thought it would be in the range of 10 – 20%, and only 5 percent expected more than 30%." With the new Covid variant, it will be no surprise that these numbers will increase and the shortages will increase even more. Despite this, we went around campus asking staff members and students what they would like gift-wise for the holidays. We hope that this list gives you gift ideas for friends and family members for the holidays.

Student/Teacher responses:

  • Austin Etzbach '25 - Vinyls
  • Benjy Pastor '25 - Ping Pong paddles
  • Dylan Goldberg '25 - Knicks Jersey
  • Gus Aspillaga '25 - Lego Star Wars R2-D2 keychain
  • Charlotte Purkiss '25 - Film camera
  • Ava Cilento '25 - Speaker
  • Elliot Rosen '25 - For the Knicks to make the playoffs
  • Rebekah Tate '25 - A trip to Michigan
  • Teddy Porter '25 - Najee Harris Jersey
  • Jack Foster '25 - New soccer cleats
  • Owen Michalowski '25 - Airpods
  • Molly Sullivan '25 - Jewelry
  • Melissa Rainville '25 - Perfume
  • Alexandra Kriegel '25 - Football Jersey (Buffalo Bills)
  • Marley Dixon '25 - A teddy bear
  • Sabrina Serpa-Smith '24 - Danbury Trashers Hoodie
  • Sara Rieger '24 - Chipotle gift card
  • Cara Costigan '23 - Revlon Drying Hairbrush
  • Presley Damiano '23 - Lululemon Leggings
  • Hannah Breen '23 - Converse
  • Max Rainville '23- Shoes
  • Sophia Rodriguez '22 - Slippers
  • Morgan Nelson '22 - Flannels
  • Reid Etzbach '22- Clothes
  • Parker Etzbach '22- Suitcase for college
  • Ms. Mcleod - Peace and happiness
  • Ms. Ford - Slippers
  • Mrs. Winters - A blender
  • Ms. Cicala - Bluetooth headphones
  • Mrs. Dowd - Ski vacation with family
  • Mrs. Lingenheld - Slippers
  • Ms. Cordido - Running sneakers
  • Mrs. Thaler - Roomba
  • Ms. Higgins - A really good journal


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