Keeping Up With... Alex Lecher, '20
Posted 10/15/2021 02:54PM

Transferring schools is often not talked about in the college process, and many people think college is a one and done situation. However, transferring is very common. Alex Lecher, '20, transferred from Elon University to Fairfield University, and I asked her about her experience with the process. She said that a huge part of her decision to transfer was the fact that she was unable to visit the campus before committing, due to covid. She also realized that the school did not offer the right programs for her interests and was 9 hours away from home. She said she got a strong sense of what she did not like, which influenced her greatly in her decision to transfer.

Alex loves Fairfield University, and is in the Egan School of Nursing as a social work major. She is loving her professors and classes, and finds that the community is a much better fit for her and has found many amazing and genuine friendships along the way.

According to Alex, the transfer process was not fun. She had a lot of anxiety around whether or not her reason to transfer was "right" or not, and wishes someone had told her that any reason is a valid reason. However, she can confidently say that transferring was the best decision she could have made. She had a strong sense of what she was looking for, which made the process easier, and not being able to visit schools actually made her realize what she was looking for as well.

I asked if she had any advice on the college process for current seniors, and she said there is a lot of emphasis put on picking one school for the next four years, which can be very overwhelming. She wishes someone had told her that it's okay to use this experience to figure out more about who you are, and what kind of environment you will work in, live in, and enjoy best. It's okay if you don't 100% know where you want to be for the next four years, and no one will ever judge you for making the decisions that benefit you best.

I think that transferring schools as a college student is not talked about enough as an option for kids, and that there is a lot of pressure put on people to stay at one place for all of college. However, transferring can be a great experience and decision that benefits you as a student and really helps you to thrive in the academic world and prepare you for the future.

Alex and her roommate/best friend, who also happens to be a transfer student

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