Keeping Up With: Lily Newman, '21
Posted 04/08/2022 02:06PM

Keeping up with:

Lily Newman '21

Wooster's 2021 Journalism Award winner Lily Newman '21 is currently a freshman at Syracuse University studying Political Science in the Maxwell School and Public Relations in Newhouse. Putting her journalism skills to use, she writes for two different sources. Monthly Lily writes for The Women's Network National Blog (TWN). Many colleges across the country have chapters that members contribute to but Syracuse established the first chapter of TWN. Occasionally she provides writing to The Daily Orange which is the Syracuse student-run paper with high-level writing and expectations. Being a student in Newhouse, Lily is taking a class involving a lot of interviews and she said "WiNK helped a lot by teaching me how to prepare questions and guide conversations to get a compelling story to share."

One of Lily's favorite things about Syracuse is how many different things there are to do outside of the classroom. Currently, she is a member of five clubs including TWN, a PR group called PRSSA, a student-run PR firm named Hill Communications, Women in Communications (WIC), and Women in Sports and Events (WISE). Other than clubs there have been several charity events like a dance marathon and a dorm floor trip to a trampoline park that she has participated in. Of course, being at a D1 sports school where the games are a big part of student life Lily has attended just about every football, basketball, and lacrosse game. One day she even went horseback riding.

Going from a school that had about 50 kids in a grade to a school with 15,000 undergrads can definitely be an adjustment. The connections made with people in different grades is one of the things that Lily misses most about Wooster as well as the amazing teachers she loved having. "I am so grateful for the time I spent there," she said when explaining what she missed most. The Wooster community is rare but so nice to be a part of.

To the seniors who are graduating soon and starting their next journey, she says that wherever you go may feel bigger than Wooster. A piece of advice from Lily is to get involved because it will make the school feel smaller and you can make so many connections with people. Instead of worrying you aren't going to find that sense of community, go join something that you enjoy whether it's a club, sports team, or newspaper because you will meet so many people that share your interests. Her best advice is "There are so many things to do and especially when you are now in charge of your own time, it can be easy to just stay in your room. It really helps you to feel a part of your community." Syracuse has been a great fit for Lily and she is looking forward to her next three years in orange.

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