Update from China
Posted 02/26/2021 02:32PM

Happy Friday guys! As most of you already know, I am still in China. To be honest, China is literally so safe now that I am feeling bored every time I go out.


All of our restaurants are back in business with zero resistance from the government now. Everyone can eat inside of the restaurants and have fun without being forced to wear any masks. As long as you can scan your health code while showing green, you can go anywhere you want in the city.

Movie Theatres

Back in normal like any other business. Show your green code, wear your mask and always save one seat in between you and the other audiences. Staff may still require you to wear a mask, but they don't really care about it and you can take it down the second you are out of their sight.


We have COVID-19 vaccines prepared for quite a long time now. There is an upcoming proposal from the government to let everyone in the country be vaccinated before the end of next year. All medical personnel and government officials(mostly people who work in the customs) are already vaccinated and preparing for the next step of mass vaccination.

There is nothing more to be updated now to be honest. China has been back in normal for quite some time now and people are back to work after the Chinese New Year. Realizing what is happening in the U.S., I am feeling quite blessed. Perhaps I should not be taking my basic safety for granted and I genuinely hope that America will be back to normal in no time. Stay safe and I love you guys!

Celebrated one of my best friends' birthdays last week. Didn't know that cream can go up into your nose when your face got slammed in the cake.

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