Ranking My Hoodies
Posted 02/26/2021 02:17PM

Hoodie Ranking

By: Colin Fortson

I believe that the average teenager owns about 15 different hoodies but only wears their 2-3 favorite hoodies out of the bunch. I am the same way too. I own about 10 hoodies and only wear like two of them. But why is that? I believe favorite hoodies are chosen by three different factors. Does it go with most of your other clothes, is the hoodie comfortable, and what is the design on it. I will now go through and rank my hoodies on these factors.

10. Cape Cod hoodie

This hoodie is my least favorite hoodie to wear. It's not as soft as all the other hoodies, and the color of the hoodie is not the best. This hoodie begins to cross into sweater territory.

9. Cross country hoodie (9th Grade)

This hoodie is a solid hoodie to work out in, but not a hoodie that I would want to be in. This hoodie is comfortable, but is not the type of hoodie I would be lounging in.

8. Cross Country hoodie (10th Grade)

This hoodie is pretty much the same as the last one, solid for working out in, but nothing really else. This hoodie has a little more of a darker gray color that I like and the design of the hoodie is also a little better too.

7. Stratton hoodie

This hoodie goes pretty well with most of my clothes but is not really the comfiest thing in the world. I will occasionally wear it, but only on days wear I feel like I should mix things up.

6. Meribel hoodie

This hoodie is fairly comfy but the problem with it is that it does not pair well with jeans. This hoodie is great and I love it but I don't really like wearing khaki pants.

5. Whistler hoodie

This hoodie is mostly the same to me as the Meribel one, but the thing that makes it better is that I like the design on it a little more.

4. Plain blue hoodie

This hoodie is really comfortable and I like the coloring too. But the only thing that is holding back from being higher on the list is that it does not pair with jeans. But overall really good hoodie.

3. Wooster hoodie

This hoodie is great. I have this hoodie on my rotation of hoodies to wear everyday because it goes with most of my clothes. This hoodie is also very comfortable.

2. Pokemon hoodie

This hoodie is amazing. I love this hoodie because it represents something I like a lot and it's very comfortable. Also it goes really well with most outfits.

  1. Furman hoodie

This hoodie is my favorite hoodie. This hoodie is really comfortable, has a great grey coloring, the design on it is simple, but perfect, and it also goes with most of my clothes as well.

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