Top 5 Places to Travel After the Virus, Part 2: Sharm el Sheik
Posted 02/19/2021 11:47AM

Top five places to travel after the virus

( Part two )

By Hannah Collura

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Since travel is pretty restricted right now, this is a five-part series of cool places you can travel to once traveling is available again.

In fourth place is Sharm el Sheik. Sharm el Sheik is located in Egypt and is probably one of the best places to visit if you like clear water, marine life, and of course warm weather. Although it is a long flight, it is once again worth it. In Egypt there are many things to do and see. If you go down to the beach, there is extremely clear water, and you can see the coral reefs through it. If you want to get up close and personal to marine life, I recommend doing a snorkeling/scuba diving trip across the reef.

( overview of the beach )

The snorkeling/scuba diving trips are a lot of fun and are worth the time. You get taken on a boat with a group of people and go far out into the ocean for different snorkeling spots. It is an all day thing, and they serve you lunch. During this trip, you get amazing views of the ocean, and once you are in the water you will feel like you're in an aquarium you are so up close to the fish and the coral. There are jellyfish, but they do not sting at all so do not worry about them. I also highly recommend bringing a waterproof camera so you can take some cool photos of marine life.

( view of the snorkeling spot from the ship )

Another thing I recommend doing in Egypt is hanging out on the beach. On the beach there is all sorts of entertainment. Many of the hotel staff host activities such as doing henna, bowling, dancing etcetera... This was really enjoyable as there were many things to do on the beach that would entertain you for hours.

In Egypt most of the people there speak English so it will be fairly easy to get around. Most if not all the hotels and restaurants on the beach are amazing, and have beautiful window views. Don`t forget to pack some sunscreen, and I hope you enjoy egypt as much as I did.

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