Max Porter, '22 - Posted 09/11/2020 03:22PM
After being closed to students since March 9, Wooster's campus reopened this week! Max takes us through what these past several months have looked like, and what our "new normal" is as we begin a school year unlike any other.
Khamya Christodonte, '21 - Posted 09/11/2020 03:21PM
Khamya's video shows how some members of the Class of 2021 decided not to let the circumstances take away their spirit on the first day of senior year.
Sage Siegel, '21 & Charlotte Kaczmarek, '21 - Posted 09/11/2020 03:21PM
We have so many new families at Wooster this year who are receiving this email and probably wondering... what is WiNK? This brief overview and history of our student publication originally ran on Sept. 13, 2019, and we thought it was worth rerunning it today for our new families.
Matt Hoekenga, '23, & Sloane Fleming, '23 - Posted 09/11/2020 03:21PM
We're back and excited to be on campus! Sloane and Matt interviewed some Wooster Generals to find out what they're most looking forward to this year.
Matt Hoekenga, '23, & Kate Breen, '23 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:56PM
It's been an important trimester for WiNK, and in their final video of the school year, Matt and Kate turned the tables and interviewed staff members about their experiences, especially during this last trimester of distance learning.
Vladimir Schwideman-Romano - Posted 05/29/2020 01:54PM
Vlad interviewed teachers and students about the skills and dispositions that have helped them during these past few months of distance learning.
Katie Washer, '21 & Presley Damiano, '23 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:54PM
Before we went to distance learning, we were all enjoying a fun and eventful year at Wooster. Presley and Katie checked in with Wooster students to find out what their favorite memories were, before everything changed.
Katherine Breen, '23; Katelyn Fox, '23; & Hannah Breen, '23 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:51PM
After a few months at home, we have all probably found out favorite, most comfortable things to wear. See what some of us find ourselves wearing a lot these days.
Lily Newman, '21 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:51PM
The season for big school events is upon us, so Lily is explaining how those events look different during physical distancing. This time, she tells us how Graduation and other events are going to work.
Max Porter, '22 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:51PM
It's the last day of school, when we are normally looking ahead to a busy summer. But all of that looks different this year. Max talks about the uncertainty of what lies ahead.
Jillian Schnaudigel, '21 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:50PM
Today is the final day of Spring Sports season, so our varsity tennis teams show us what they have been doing while perfecting their skills from home.
Cole Breen, '22 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:50PM
Cole recaps the presidential race so far, and gives his thoughts on what issues face us as we get closer to November.
Morgan Nelson, '22 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:49PM
Distance Learning has had its positive and negatives for students. Morgan shares her personal experiences with her distance learning.
Isabel Allo, '22 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:49PM
Isabel shares her thoughts on her experience with distance learning this trimester, and what she is grateful for after her first year at Wooster.
Darby Drahzal, '21; Savanna Sikorski, '21; & Bailey Fleming, '21 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:49PM
Today, the Girls Lacrosse Team will celebrate its three seniors - Morgan, Morgan, and Georgie - in the final team hangout of the season. Darby, Sav and Bailey share a tribute to them with WiNK.
Lulu Carone, '22 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:49PM
Making TikTok videos has been to be a great way to pass the time these days. Lulu shares her final edition of Wooster students making TikToks with their family members.
Rev. Stephen Tickner - Posted 05/29/2020 01:48PM
In our final Chapel of the school year, Rev. Tickner closes us out by giving his farewell to Wooster School.
Joey Everett, '22 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:46PM
For the last time this school year, find out who was winking last week, and guess whose wink it is this time, even though you won't find out until September!
Alice Purkiss, '21 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:46PM
This week, Alice has no more shows left to watch and wonders if others feel the same after almost three months of being home.
Cara Costigan, '23 & Zach Felton, '22 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:45PM
Next year, Charlotte Kaczmarek, '21, will be the first ever Journalism Proctor. This week, Cara and Zack ask: are you more like her, or the Journalism Teacher, Mrs. Thaler?
Lily Newman, '21 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:45PM
There's a new doctor in the house... Dr. Taraz! Lily tells us about this huge accomplishment.
Colin Fortson, 22 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:34PM
Colin shares his own personal goodbye to the seniors, the Class of 2020.
Lorenzo Rossi, '23, & Antonio Felidi, '23 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:08PM
The NHL has just announced its plans for a 24-team playoff series. Based on this, Antonio and Lorenzo give us their predictions that take us all the way to one team winning the Stanley Cup.
Sophia Rodriguez, '22 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:08PM
It's something we have never seen before - professional sports playing with no fans, but it's happening because of coronavirus. Sophia tells us about a few sports that have resumed play, with no one there to cheer.
David Beylouni, '23 - Posted 05/29/2020 01:07PM
David tells us how the coronavirus has spread in America's prisons.

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