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Strength to Strength

I am pleased to be sharing our 2023-24 Strength to Strength Report. Strength to Strength Reports (STS) are designed to provide an overview of our trajectory as a school and community by focusing on the curricular, program, and infrastructure developments which represent our continued learning and progress.

Strength to Strength is not intended to be a comprehensive review of all elements of the school and curriculum, but rather, a way to frame new and ongoing programs of particular note within the context of our ongoing efforts to improve the learning experiences and daily life of students here at Wooster School. If you are interested in seeing the broader trajectory of the school you can read previous STS Reports here. For broader context on our framing philosophies, please take a look at our Wooster School Purpose, Promise, and Beliefs. If you have specific curricular or student life program questions, please contact Parvin Taraz, Chief Academic Officer, or Diane Martin, Director of Divisions.

As you prepare to read, I'd like to share a final note of appreciation. None of this great work, whether this year or previously, would be possible without the belief and support of our parent community, who continually learn and work beside us in partnership. Combining a parent community that "gets it," the best learner-centered faculty and leadership team that you can find, and students who feel known and are ready to learn, makes for a special place, great days, and an institution that keeps challenging itself to get better.

Matt Byrnes, Head of School

Phone: 203-830-3905