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Congratulations to the Graduates of the Class of 2024!

Congratulations to the Graduates of the Class of 2024!

Wooster School held its Commencement Exercises on Friday, June 7 to celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2024. These seniors join more than 3,000 alumni who have graduated since Wooster's founding in 1926.

President of the Wooster School Board of Trustees, Allen Purkiss, offered remarks to Wooster's soon-to-be graduates. “Today is a day full of hope. This graduation is a ritual to mark the day. It is a day that we look back and at the same time it is a day that we look forward.” Purkiss added, “Life is full of opportunity, if you are looking for it. The next four or five years, no matter where you go and what you do, will be a time of abundant opportunity. Take advantage of it!”

Class orator Joseph Cerulli ‘24 delivered some heartfelt remarks. “I believe we all learned at Wooster how important your mindset can be. Our class has also learned that community is key. Wooster does a great job fostering community. ” Cerulli added, “Find what makes you feel confident, and go with it. Wooster is a place that made sure to foster that in all of us. I know we will all go on to do great things thanks to what Wooster has taught us.”

Before the seniors received their diplomas, Head of School Matt Byrnes spoke to the graduating class. “How we choose to think about things is so important – framing, reflection, empathy, compassion, questioning, conversation, deep thinking – they literally alter your reality. You’ve practiced them all in different ways during your time here, so don’t forget to use them after today.” Byrnes added, “People are what will make you significant. You, and the people that you love, and the way that you live, are what matter. And when you worry about how you are using your time, or how it is slipping away, they should be your metric. If you can do this, you won’t need a cure for your life, or be searching for a replacement life. You’ll have what you have and it will be good – better than good. If tomorrow happens, well then you have that too.” Byrnes concluded, “Appreciate what you have now, in this moment. And if you do that every day, impact and significance will take care of themselves.

Congratulations to the Great Class of 2024 for all of their accomplishments!

Class of 2024
Photo Credit: Christopher Priedeman

Wooster School Class of 2024

Noah Ackert
Riley Andrea-Neuhuijs
Jonah Bates
Andalyn Bordoy
Morgan Boxer
Alex Byrnes
Colin Carpenter
Joey Cerulli
Scarlett Cofsky
Dan Cristofaro
Chloe Curvat
Tatiana Devens
Anica Diaz
Alexa Dominguez
Kaylin Faiman
Taylor Finney
Aaron Friedman
Maria Goldstein
Felicity Gorman
Shay Holebrook
Ava Honeycutt
Zoe Hurwitz
Olivia Kreckler
Kodi Krog-Ramos
Peyton Mancini
Jack Matz
Gavin Mellas
Maya Miller
Viola Minor
Nik Palmisano
Olivia Peck
Jesmari Perdicho
Liam Pratt
Simone Prodoti
Maya Raedy
Max Rand
Andrew Schwarz
Kara Sciacca
Sabrina Serpa-Smith
Phoebe Sharma
Shawn Taylor
Will Thaler
Modou Thioye
Amelia Vail
Ani Valentino
Lyosha Willcox
Zayden Williams
Maya Wood
Jack Zahner
Lily Zhang
Tina Zhang