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World Language

Understanding that languages are living and constantly changing, our World Language courses have students discover a variety of ways to speak one language, while also learning about cultural aspects and historical events. Through these studies, students begin the process of having a culturally relativistic perspective, building bridges instead of walls between their own language and the language of others.

At the Middle School level, students may partake in independent language studies online or take in-person Spanish courses on campus. In class, students take part in short readings, music, and listening activities. They always have brief conversational practices and table games with questions already created to allow students to talk more casually. They are aware that mistakes are highly accepted.

Brittany Hooper

Brittany Hooper

World Language Coordinator

Joined Wooster in 2019-2020

World Language at Wooster

Students in Wooster’s World Language courses focus on increasing their proficiency with the four skills of the ACTFL standards: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

World Language at Wooster

Speaking skills improve through the consistent use of language in and out of the classroom. As the level of language knowledge increases, students are increasingly expected to participate aurally, orally, and in written form in Spanish.

Early Middle School Units in World Language Include:

  • Spanish

7th and 8th Grade Courses in World Language Include:

  • Spanish 7
  • Spanish 8

Middle School Course of Study

Learn more about our course descriptions and requirements.