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Wednesdays at Wooster

Wednesdays at Wooster are designed to engage students in various aspects of community, recognizing that it is in community that we find opportunities for learning, reflection, and joy.

Middle schoolers start their Wednesdays with an academic block, generally used by the grade level team for collaborative or extended learning opportunities. From there, they're building relationships in advisory, exploring something new in Agency Hour, learning how to take ownership of our spaces through Jobs, and recognizing that they're a part of something bigger than themselves in Community Time.  


Diane Martin

Diane Martin

Director of Divisions

Joined Wooster in 2019-2020


Chapel and advisory periods allow for exploration of self and community, and an afternoon Agency Hour gives students the opportunity to select areas of interest outside of their typical assigned content areas.

Agency Hour

What I Need

Students might engage in some additional art or Spanish time, read independently, have some athletics time, or work in Makerspace, to name a few. The day ends with a Community Time block, which allows the entire middle school to come together for new learning, which might be a guest speaker, a community activity, or celebration.