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Visual Arts

The Middle School arts experience is rooted in experimentation. Students have the opportunity to explore materials, investigate themselves as storytellers, and hone their craft as artists.

Art in the Middle School is designed to foster the skills and dispositions necessary to foster creative thinking, encourage active problem-solving, and increase confidence in expressing original ideas.  

Nina Carlson

Nina Carlson

Visual Arts Coordinator

Joined Wooster in 2014-2015

Visual Arts at Wooster

Visual Arts are a year round part of the Middle School curriculum, allowing faculty to collaborate with STEM and Humanities teachers on projects that diversify and deepen understanding of core content.

Visual Arts at Wooster

Projects are designed to allow for maximum creative variability while advancing skills in particular media. As a result, students maintain a high level of motivation and enthusiasm for all aspects of the creative process.

Early Middle School Units in Visual Arts Include:

  • Art

7th and 8th Grade Courses in Visual Arts Include:

  • Art 7: Collecting Ideas
  • Art 8: The Artist's Story

Middle School Course of Study

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