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Performing Arts

The offerings in performing Arts at Wooster reflect the diversity of our student population, offering a wide range of courses, clubs, after-school activities, and experiences to students of varying backgrounds, from novice to advanced.

Our mission is to foster a vibrant, engaged, music and theater program in our community, to encourage and nurture all students in their artistic journey, and to help young people learn about themselves and the world through the medium of performance. 

Claire Simard

Claire Simard

Performing Arts Coordinator

Joined Wooster in 2011-2012

Rock Band Instruction

Building the skills of self-confidence, empathy, communication, critical thinking, and creative expression helps students to navigate, find meaning, and create beauty in an increasingly complex and changing world.

"Legally Blonde, Jr."

We encourage students to take risks and seek challenges to help them grow as artists and individuals. Within the Music and Theater programs, students find community, belonging, and meaning.

Wooster students had Danbury thinking pink during their production of Legally Blonde, Jr. The fun and upbeat musical followed the adventures of a sorority girl named Elle Woods – a Gemini with a double Capricorn moon – who tried to win her ex-boyfriend back by earning a Harvard law degree.

All 5th - 8th grade students are required to participate in one music ensemble.

Courses in Music Include:

  • Introduction to Concert Band
  • Intermediate to Concert Band
  • Rock Band
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Chamber Orchestra
  • 5/6 Chorus
  • 7/8 Chorus
  • Ukulele Ensemble

Middle School Course of Study

Learn more about our course descriptions and requirements.