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Middle School

Wooster's Middle School is an inclusive 5th - 8th grade experience built around personal relationships.

Every child is recognized for who they are, and every child finds success and builds foundational skills and confidence for the rest of their lives.

Diane Martin

Diane Martin, EdD

Director of Divisions

Joined Wooster in 2019-2020

Middle School at Wooster

Many middle schools start in 6th grade, but at Wooster's Middle School, we start in the 5th grade. This allows us to take four years, 5th through 8th grade, to establish strong relationships with our students and get to know them personally through their learning journey.

At Wooster, we recognize that every child is unique. That’s why our program, our faculty, and our culture is designed to put students at the center of everything we do. Come learn more about how our Middle School helps students discover love of learning, and their own, unique pathway to success.

Starting in 5th grade, this is the inclusive Middle School your child should experience!

The Arts are key to educating the whole child.

In Wooster’s Middle School, opportunities in the Arts are endless. At a time when some schools are cutting the Arts, Wooster is ensuring every child is learning the life lessons they provide!

At Wooster, your child will develop the skills of being courageous, how to be a part of a group, and how to communicate, all while having fun on a daily basis.

Middle School Arts