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Learning Support

Learning support at Wooster is an essential component to the education of our students. Recognizing that every student is an individual, our resources are designed to provide student-focused support where it is most needed.

Learning Support at Wooster    
Level 1 Classroom Day to Day, Teacher Teams, Advisory
Level 2 Tutoring Center 1:1, Content or Executive Function
Level 3 Pathways Program Cohort-based support class, Executive Function focus
Level 4 Bridge Program Cohort-based support, Language based learning differences

Tutoring Center

Tutoring at Wooster is personalized for the learner, flexible, and available for students in grades 5 through grade 12.

Pathways Program

Pathways is a two-year program that helps Wooster students develop the skills to be independent, lifelong learners. In a world of accelerating change, there is no more valuable skill than being an adaptive learner.

Bridge Program

Wooster's Bridge Program is a highly successful, grades 5-12, mainstream program for students with language-based, executive function, or attention-related learning differences. 

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) promotes positive mental health and well-being, enhances academic performance, and improves overall social functioning. It is based on the understanding that emotions and social interactions play a critical role in shaping students' experiences, attitudes, and behaviors, both inside and outside the classroom.