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Wooster Fantasy Football League: Week 13

Wooster Fantasy Football League: Week 13
Elliot Rosen, '25

Final Week of Regular Season (Week 13)

Standings after Last Week:

1. Koo Koo for Koo (Mr. Fischer): 10-2
2. Ice Box (Ms. Lingenheld): 9-3
3. Executive Fumbling (Mr. Newbury): 7-5
4. Thaler Swift (Ms. Thaler): 7-5
5. WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld): 4-8
6. Ezekiel Elliot Rosen (Mr. DeRienzo): 2-10

             1. Puppy Bowl (Mr. Byrnes): 8-4
  2. Speed Rules (Mr. Carone): 8-4
3. CUBOCLOT (Mr. Moskowitz): 6-6
            5. Fully Charged (Mr. Sacco): 5-7
            4. Buffalo Blitz (Ms. Kriegel) 4-8 
       6. Antonio’s Exit Plan (Mr. Swallen) 2-10


Thaler Swift (Ms. Thaler) VS. WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld)
Thaler- 102.1   Lingenheld- 49.4
MVP: Thaler Swift’s Brandin Cooks (16.5 fantasy points)
LVP: WIN Time’s Patrick Mahomes (13 fantasy points)

Ms. Thaler cruised by this week. It was very important that this matchup resulted in a win for Thaler Swift due to the fact that the team is currently competing against Executive Fumbling for a playoff spot. Brandin Cooks really helped out with the win as he put up yet another great week with 16.5 points. Although there wasn’t much expected out of him this year, Brandin Cooks has been able to provide consistent numbers for the team. Although this win didn’t fully clinch the playoffs for Ms. Thaler, it really helped out her chances as she heads into the big game next week against Mr. Newbury with an 8-5 record.

This had to be one of the worst weeks I have seen from a fantasy team in a while. Only one player scored above 10 points and that was Patrick Mahomes who had a disappointing 13 points. He deserved the MVP of the matchup because of how disappointing he has been. Mr. Lingenheld had no playoff chances before this game, so it didn’t really matter. His team falls to a 4-9 record as we head into the final week of the regular season.

Ice Box (Ms. Lingenheld) VS. Fully Charged (Mr. Sacco)
Lingenheld- 173.58   Sacco- 86.28
MVP: Ice Box’s Deebo Samuel (35.8 fantasy points)
LVP: Fully Charged’s Justin Herbert (7.98 fantasy points)

This was an incredible week for Ms. Lingenheld. The team already clinched the playoffs before this week, so each win is only helping with seeding. Ice Box showed just why they should be contenders this week as 4 of the 10 starters scored above 25 points. Deebo Samuel received the MVP because he has shown that he returned to the star player he was in the past couple of weeks. With him playing as well as he has, it is going to be very hard to stop this team as they now have a 10-3 record. 

This was a tough loss for Mr. Sacco. He has had bad luck all year with his first round pick, Nick Chubb, getting injured in the first week of the season, and this loss was the cherry on top. The team lost by around 90 points with 6 of the 10 starters scoring below 10 points. Justin Herbert received the LVP of the matchup, but the whole team deserved this one. I don’t remember the last time I wrote about Fully Charged with a smile on my face as the team now has a 5-8 record.

CUBOCLOT (Mr. Moskowitz) VS. Executive Fumbling (Mr. Newbury)
Moskowitz- 186.92   Newbury- 145.42
MVP: CUBOCLOT’s CeeDee Lamb (32.6 fantasy points)
LVP: Executive Fumbling’s Kenny Pickett (3.1 fantasy points)

This win single handedly put Mr. Moskowitz back in playoff contention. The team had an incredible week scoring a total of 186.92 points. 8 of the 10 starters scored above 10 points with CeeDee Lamb leading the pack with 32. Everything seems to be clicking for CUBOCLOT right now. ESPN gives the team a 76% chance at making the playoffs. Right now, all Mr. Moskowitz can do is win next week and hope for the best that he is able to sneak into the playoffs. His team now has a 7-6 record. 

This week really hurt Mr. Newbury. Executive Fumbling is among the three teams that are competing for the final two playoff spots. Of course he had to face one of them this week, and of course they had to put up 186 points against him. What might hurt the most is that Mr. Newbury’s team played really well this week scoring a total of 145 points. Mr. Newbury did get unlucky as he started Kenny Pickett who got injured in his game. Even if he played, the outcome would not have changed as this loss now gives Mr. Newbury a hole to dig out of as he heads into the final week of the season with a 7-6 record. 

Antonio’s Exit Plan (Mr. Swallen) VS. Nepsac Winner Elliot Rosen DB (Mr. DeRienzo)
Swallen- 153.96   DeRienzo- 97.6
MVP: Antonio’s Exit Plan’s DK Metcalf (37.4 fantasy points)
LVP: Nepsac Winner Elliot Rosen DB’s Zach Moss (7.7 fantasy points)

Mr. Swallen’s team has without a doubt been horrible all year long. In the most important game of the season, the team finally showed up. Mr. Swallen needed a win in order to make sure that he was not last place in the league and his team did just that. They scored an impressive 154 points with 4 of the 10 starters scoring above 20 points. DK Metcalf had one of the best games of his career as he put up 37 points. Mr. Swallen must feel relieved as the embarrassment of being in last place has now been lifted off his shoulders as he now has a record of 3-10.

In Mr. DeRienzo’s most important game of the season, he did not win. He went up against Mr. Swallen whom he was tied with for last place in the league. Mr. Swallens team put up numbers they have never before, and so did Mr. DeRienzo. This is the first in several weeks that the team has come close to 100 points, so I take this as a victory. Mr. DeRienzo does have to face the facts that his team will most likely be in last place after next with a record of 2-11.

Buffalo Blitz (Ms. Kriegel) VS. Koo Koo for Koo (Mr. Fischer)
Kriegel- 56.54   Fischer- 153.22
MVP: Koo Koo for Koo’s Tyreek Hill (32.3 fantasy points)
LVP: Buffalo Blitz’s Team (56.54 total fantasy points)

I was in shock when I saw just how bad Ms. Kriegel’s team played this week. This was one of the first times ever that I saw 4 players score 0 points for one team. One of the players wasn’t supposed to play before the game, but the rest were just out there for cardio. It is almost like the team saw the players in Buffalo Blitz’s starting lineup, and decided not to pass to them. There was no hope in making the playoffs before this game, so it doesn’t really matter anyways as the team now has a 4-9 record. 

This was an easy win for Mr. Fischer. His opponent only scored 56 points, but that didn’t stop him from going full force as his team won by almost 100 points. Tyreek Hill and Sam Laporta (two of the team’s starters) alone could have won this game combining for 61 points. This game showed just how powerful this team can be as they sit alone in first place in the league. As of right now, I think it is safe to say that Koo Koo for Koo are frontrunners to win it all. The team now has an 11-2 record. 

Puppy Bowl (Mr. Byrnes) VS Speed Rules (Mr. Carone)
Byrnes- 129.82   Carone- 117.26
MVP: Puppy Bowl’s Alvin Kamara (28.9 fantasy points)
LVP: Speed Rules’ Tank Dell (0 fantasy points)

This was a huge win for Mr. Byrnes as it really helped with his seeding for the playoffs. Mr. Carone’s team has the same record, so a win helps for both playoffs, and ego. The team put up a solid 129 points this week with 6 of the 10 starters scoring above 10 points. Alvin Kamara received this matchup’s MVP as he continued to show just how amazing of a player he is putting up 29 points. Mr. Byrnes can now start to look at his possible matchups as his team now has a 9-4 record.

This was a brutal loss for Mr. Carone. As said before, this game was incredibly important when it came to seedings, so Mr. Carone had to win. Speed Rules ended up losing by just 11 points. The worst part is, Mr. Carone should have 100% won this game. Tank Dell got injured within the first couple minutes of the game and he was projected over 15 points this week. If he didn’t get hurt, this outcome would have been very different. Although this game was important, Mr. Carone is still in the playoffs as he will just have to shrug off this loss now sitting at a 8-5 record. 

1. Koo Koo for Koo (Mr. Fischer): 11-2
2. Ice Box (Ms. Lingenheld): 10-3
4. Thaler Swift (Ms. Thaler): 8-5
3. Executive Fumbling (Mr. Newbury): 7-6
5. WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld): 4-9
6. Ezekiel Elliot Rosen (Mr. DeRienzo): 2-11

1. Puppy Bowl (Mr. Byrnes): 9-4
2. Speed Rules (Mr. Carone): 8-5
3. CUBOCLOT (Mr. Moskowitz): 7-6
4. Fully Charged (Mr. Sacco): 5-8
5. Buffalo Blitz (Ms. Kriegel) 4-9 
6. Antonio’s Exit Plan (Mr. Swallen) 3-10

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