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Wooster Community Gathers to Witness Solar Eclipse

Wooster Community Gathers to Witness Solar Eclipse
Will Newman '26

On April 8th, 2024 at 3:15, there was a Solar Eclipse, this was our first Solar Eclipse visible in North America in seven years. At Wooster, all students were let out of class at 3:15 and were able to watch the eclipse using the Solar Eclipse Glasses. Many students found the eclipse very interesting and enjoyed their time down on the field with their friends and watching the Solar Eclipse. 

“After missing the earthquake a couple of days ago I felt the need to see this Eclipse because I just needed that reassurance that I do see the rare things in life and after seeing the eclipse I was just very satisfied, it was fun to be with the community and not be on our phones,” said Elliot Rosen, an 11th grader.

“I liked that it's not Mother Nature being mad, it's not a natural disaster, or something negative. It is something beautiful that we all get to see together,” said Biology teacher Ms. O’Leary.

Some people found it very interesting and beautiful, but some people thought it was lackluster.

“I had much bigger expectations, I thought it would be darker even though it was 90% not a full eclipse, I felt that it was similar to putting your hand over the sun,” said Sabir, an 11th grader.
Regardless of your excitement level, it was an event we will always remember.

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