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Wooster Athletes Celebrate Seasons With Awards Ceremony

Wooster Athletes Celebrate Seasons With Awards Ceremony
Gus Aspillaga '25

This Tuesday, Wooster celebrated our athletes at the annual Sports Awards ceremony. All of the championship-winning teams were recognized, and each team gave out three awards: MVP, the General Award, and the Coaches Award. People were also recognized for being named to All-Conference or All-NEPSAC teams.

Here’s a brief description of the team awards:
MVP Award: The MVP is awarded to the “best player” on the team, the person who consistently has good performances in games and always puts 100 percent effort into everything.

General Award: The General award recognizes the person on the team who has a lot of spirit, tries really hard during practice, and is always cheering during games.

Coaches Award: The Coaches Award goes to the player who always knows what to do, has a lot of intelligence in the sport, and has a good understanding of what to do in practice. They always give their 100% during practices.

General Manager Award: This award goes to those who are in the background making sure everything is running smoothly, the clock is working the other team and refs have a roster, etc. 

Congratulations to all of our award winners, listed below by season. 


Boys Soccer, HVAL Champions, NEPSAC champions: 

MVP: Brayan Tenesaca 
General Award: Johnny Ceballos
Coaches Award: Liam Pratt

All HVAL: Peyton Mancini, Jack Jahner, Liam Pratt, Brayan Tenesaca, Jordan Seng, Ryan Vincent
All NEPSAC: Brayan Tenesaca, Peyton Mancini, Jordan Seng
All NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Jack Zahner, Johnny Ceballos, Ryan Vincent
NEPSAC Player of the Year: Brayan Tenesaca

Girls Soccer:

MVP: Andalyn Bordoy
General Award: Olivia Peck
Coaches Award: Alexandra Kriegel

All HVAL: Andalyn Bordoy, Alexandra Kriegel
All NEPSAC Honorable mention: Andalyn Bordoy 

Boys Cross Country:

MVP: Colin Carpenter
General Award: Gavin Mellas
Coaches Award: Brady Carpenter

All HVAL: Colin Carpenter, Zayden Williams
All NEPSAC: Colin Carpenter

Girls Cross Country, HVAL champions:

MVP: Johanna Vail
General Award: Amelia Vail
Coaches Award: Tatiana Devens

All HVAL: Johanna Vail, Amelia Vail
All NEPSAC: Johanna Vail
All NEPSAC Honorable Mentions: Amelia Vail, Ella Moskowitz, Kahlan Salcedo


MVP: Jack Matz
General Award: Sean Jakobson
Coaches Award: Ronan O'Halloran

Harvey MVP award: Jack Matz


MVP: Morgan Boxer
General Award: Alexa Dominguez
Coaches Award: Zoe Hurwitz

All HVAL: Morgan Boxer, Alexa Dominguez
All NEPSAC Honorable mention: Alexa Dominguez


Boys Basketball:

MVP: Zayden Williams
General Award: Jack Zahner
Coaches Award: Sean Taylor

All HVAL: Zayden Williams, Sean Taylor
All NEPSAC: Zayden Williams
All NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Sean Taylor

Girls Basketball:

MVP: Alexa Dominguez
General Award: Alex Byrnes
Coaches Award: Jesmari Perdicho

All HVAL: Alexa Dominguez
All NEPSAC: Alexa Dominguez


MVP: Will Micciche
General Award: Kodi Krog-Ramos
Coaches Award: Jackson Beil


MVP: Allison Hu
Coaches Award: Liam Lou
General Award: Devin Asselta



MVP: Elliot Rosen
General Award: Gus Aspillaga
Coaches Award: Abraham Leonard

All HVAL: Elliot Rosen, Brooks Fischer, Drew Brown
All NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Elliot Rosen

Boys Lacrosse:

MVP: Nik Palmisano
General Award: Thomas Renken
Coaches Award: Noah Ackert

All HVAL: Nik Palmisano, Noah Ackert
All NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Nik Palmisano

Girls Lacrosse, HVAL Champions:

MVP: Saje Cilento
General Award: Molly Sullivan
Coaches Award: Ava Cilento

All HVAL: Saje Cilento, Ava Cilento, Ava Aspen, Taylor Finney, Molly Sullivan, Andalyn Bordoy
All NEPSAC: Saje Cilento, Ava Cilento

Boys Tennis, HVAL Champions:

MVP: Blake Cushman
General Award: Teddy Porter
Coaches Award: Michael Guillcatanda

All HVAL: Andrew Schwartz, Joey Cerulli, Blake Cushman, Teddy Porter
All NEPSAC: Blake Cushman, Teddy Porter
HVAL Singles Champion: Blake Cushman

Girls Tennis:

MVP: Anica Diaz
General Award: Kathryn Schade
Coaches Award: Maya Wood

All HVAL: Anica Diaz, Kathryn Schade, Maya Wood

Boys Track:

MVP: Zayden Williams
General Award: Colin Carpenter
Coaches Award: Riley Andrea-Neuhuijs

All NEPSAC: Zayden Williams, Colin Carpenter

Girls Track:

MVP: Amelia Vail
General Award: Alexandra Kriegel
Coaches Award: Johanna Vail

All HVAL: Johanna Vail
All NEPSAC: Johanna Vail

Ultimate Frisbee, State Champions:

MVP: Jack Zahner
General Award: Sean Taylor
Coaches Award: Vega Farro

General Manager Awards: Taylor Finney (volleyball), Ava Aspen and Shay Holebrook (girls basketball), Dylan Goldberg (baseball), Abbe Kanfer (girls lacrosse), and Dan Cristofaro (boys basketball)

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