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Wooster Fantasy Football League: Week 1

Wooster Fantasy Football League: Week 1
Elliot Rosen, '25


WFSFFL is back! If you don’t know already, the WFSFFL (Wooster Faculty Staff Fantasy Football League) is a fun fantasy football league between the faculty and staff at Wooster. We are entering Year 2 of this league, with last year giving us excitement and heartbreak. You will get weekly updates with fun interviews with the owners of the teams and summaries of the matchups. Get ready as this year will be a fun one, as almost every team is going to be competitive. Almost…

Week 0 Standings:

Koo Koo for Koo (Mr. Fischer): 0-0
Ice Box (Ms. Lingenheld): 0-0
Executive Fumbling (Mr. Newbury): 0-0
Ezekiel Elliot Rosen (Mr. DeRienzo): 0-0
Thaler Swift (Ms. Thaler): 0-0
WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld): 0-0

Speed Rules (Mr. Carone): 0-0
Fully Charged (Mr. Sacco): 0-0
Puppy Bowl (Mr. Byrnes): 0-0
CUBOCLOT (Mr. Moskowitz): 0-0
Antonio’s Exit Plan (Mr. Swallen) 0-0
Buffalo Blitz (Ms. Kriegel) 0-0

Week 1 Matchups:

Thaler Swift (Ms. Thaler) VS. Fully Charged (Mr. Sacco)
Thaler- 88.14  Sacco- 118.06
MVP: Fully Charged’s Calvin Ridley (24.1 fantasy points)
LVP: Thaler Swift’s Tee Higgins (0 fantasy points)

This was quite the disappointing week for Ms. Thaler. She showed a lot of confidence in her team coming into the week, only for her players to not show up. Tee Higgins, Ms. Thaler’s 3rd round pick in this year’s draft, put up a whopping 0 points this week. He rightfully deserved the LVP of this matchup. It wasn’t like anyone else on Thaler Swift played well because only one player got above 15 points on the team this week. Yes, the team played horribly, but props to Ms. Thaler for coming up with one of the best fantasy team names out there. Ms. Thaler is going to have to make some adjustments going into Week 2 as 88 points is not going to cut it. She exits the week with her first loss of the season standing at an 0-1 record. 

This was a great win for Mr. Sacco. In a week that seemed as though there weren’t many players with a lot of points, he still managed to get 118 fantasy points. The team had a pretty solid all around effort with 6 players getting more than 10 points, but Calvin Ridley deserved the matchup’s MVP. He put up a solid 24.1 fantasy points, but if you watched the game, he looked very good and will continue to play this well as the weeks progress. Although Mr. Sacco’s first round pick, Saquon Barkely, didn’t play well, he still managed to sneak out with a win this week. I would be really happy with Fully Charged this week as they improve to a 1-0 record.

WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld) VS. CUBOCLOT (Mr. Moskowitz)
Lingenheld- 137.94   Moskowitz- 101.54
MVP: WIN Time’s Jakobi Meyers (29.1 fantasy points)
LVP: CUBOCLOT’s Mark Andrews (0 fantasy points)

This was a very impressive showing for Mr. Lingenheld’s WIN Time this week. Seven of the starters got above 10 points this week. Austin Ekeler, WIN Time’s first round pick, looked very good this week as he put up 26.4 fantasy points. This didn’t get him the MVP of the matchup though, as Jakobi Meyers came out of nowhere to put up 29.1 fantasy points. This was an incredibly smart start for Mr. Lingenheld as the decision was one of the key factors to his win this week. Mr. Lingenheld has Jonathan Taylor on the bench, so he has a chance to be a very competitive team in the league this year.

This was a really tough loss for CUBOCLOT this week. It is the first week of the season and Mr. Moskowitz is already forgetting to check his lineups. He decided that it was smart to start Mark Andrews who was ruled out for his game way before it started. This led to Andrews getting this matchup’s LVP although he was hurt. On CUBOCLOT’s bench was Tua Tagovailoa who put up 28 points, and Darnell Mooney who had 15 points. If Mr. Moskowitz had an actual TE play and if he started these players he wouldn’t have lost this week. Let this be a wakeup call for him as his record is now 0-1 to start the season. 

Antonio’s Exit Plan (Mr. Swallen) VS. Executive Fumbling (Mr. Newbury)
Swallen- 127.12   Newbury- 82.06
MVP: Antonio's Exit Plan’s Brandon Aiyuk (32.9 fantasy points)
LVP: Executive Fumbling’s Lamar Jackson (6.56 fantasy points)

This was a very impressive win for Mr. Swallen this week. I, for sure, thought that Mr. Newbury’s team was superior, but I was very wrong. Antonio’s Exit Plan’s players had some solid games this week, but Brandon Aiyuk stood out from the rest. Nobody expected him to have 32.9 fantasy points this week which earned him the MVP of the matchup. Mr. Swallen is very confident in his team this year, but when I talked to him about the squad, he said, “It’s all a match problem. Picking who is the best matchup and projection.” This is true, but you have to have a good team first to “get the problems right.” All in all it was an excellent win for the team and Mr. Swallen’s record improves to 1-0 on the season.

I was disappointed with the way that Mr. Newbury’s team turned out this week. Out of all the teams coming into the season, I was most excited to see his one, and the players just did not show up this week. Weak performances were all over the place as the team had 8 of the 10 starters get below 10 fantasy points. This most disappointing player of them all was Lamar Jackson who had 6.56 fantasy points against possibly one of the worst defenses in the league with the Texans. The team will see brighter days, but it is really hard to come back from a loss as frustrating as this. Mr. Newbury will just have to keep his head up as his team starts the season off at 0-1. 

Ezekiel Elliot Rosen (Mr. DeRienzo) VS. Koo Koo for Koo (Mr. Fischer)
DeRienzo- 108.68   Fischer- 148.6
MVP: Koo Koo for Koo’s Tyreek Hill (44.5 fantasy points)
LVP: Ezekiel Elliot Rosen’s Joe Burrow (3.18 fantasy points)

Mr. DeRienzo was very excited about his team coming into the season. I’m not going to lie, I was rooting for the team because of the name. Ezekiel Elliot Rosen is up there with Thaler Swift, and I have no bias. As far as the matchup went this week, it was not the team name that made them lose. Part of the blame could go to the LVP of the matchup which was Joe Burrow. He only put up 3.18 points in one of the worst games played from that talented of a QB. Mr. DeRienzo shouldn’t be worrying just yet as it will take a bit for Joe Burrow to get settled as he was injured in the preseason. The team definitely has some areas to improve on as there are going to be some decisions that will have to be made with the team starting out 0-1.

What an impressive showing from Mr. Fischer this week! Let us be reminded that he is the previous winner of the WFSFFL and is looking for a repeat. He came out strong with a crazy 148.6 points to start off the season. It was a tough choice for MVP this week, but I had to give it to Tyreek Hill who had one of the best games we have seen in a while. It is almost certain that he will keep up playing at a high level, so other teams will have to watch out for that. The other player that I wanted to make MVP wasn’t a player at all. It was the Dallas Cowboys Defense as they put up a staggering 35 fantasy points this week. With two sports in the starting lineup Koo Koo for Koo was bound to have a great week. The rest of the players did their job leading the squad to a victory this week. Don’t think I won’t talk about how great of a name Koo Koo for Koo is as Mr. Fischer’s kicker on his team is named Younghoe Koo. The team moves to a 1-0 record and will be a team who will be there towards the end of the season once again. 

Buffalo Blitz (Ms. Kriegel) VS. Puppy Bowl (Mr. Byrnes)
Kriegel- 124.36   Byrnes- 79.06
MVP: Buffalo Blitz’s Aaron Jones (26.7 fantasy points)
LVP Puppy Bowl’s Daniel Jones (4.46 fantasy points)

We have a new Wooster faculty member in this year’s league! The Director of Marketing and Communications is here, Ms. Kriegel. If there is one thing that you need to know about her is that she is a big Buffalo Bills fan, in case you haven’t seen the team name. She didn’t disappoint this week as she put up 124.36 points in her debut. Aaron Jones was the clear MVP of the matchup as he had a very good game in which he had 26.7 fantasy points. What is to note is that Jones looked as though he hurt himself towards the end of the game, so Ms. Kriegel will have to make some decisions for week 2. This won’t matter as the team got off to a good start with a 1-0 record.

I could see how Mr. Byrnes was affected from the first week of games. First of all, his team played way below expectations. Also, the Jets lost their star QB, Aaron Rodgers. The “this is our year” chants have ended with Mr. Byrnes, and the “Why do I have three TEs on my team” chants have started. Yes, Mr. Byrnes decided to auto draft this year and it did not work out. I had a lot of trouble picking the LVP of the matchup because almost every player on the team scored around 5 points. Daniel Jones received the honor only because he is the QB and QBs should be getting more than 4.46 points. I will have to admit, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Travis Eitienne played well for the Puppy Bowl, combining for half of the team’s points. Even with these two, the team seemed hopeless with less than 80 points scored, giving Mr. Byrnes an 0-1 record to start the season.

Speed Rules (Mr. Carone) VS. Ice Box (Ms. Lingenheld)
Carone- 104.24  Lingenheld- 133.06
MVP: Ice Box’s Deshaun Watson (20.66 fantasy points)
LVP: Speed Rules’ Drake London (0 fantasy points)

Mr. Carone has been talking to me about an interview ever since the start of last year and it seems as though he will have to wait another week to get one. His team underperformed with a lot of disappointing games from the starters. Drake London had 0 points. Yes, he played the entire game. 0 points. Other than that “game” from London, Justin Fields was another player who didn’t play well. He was projected to get 20 points so it is notable that he only got 14 of them this week. There isn’t much to be excited about this week because almost none of the players got above what they were projected to be for Speed Rules. Mr. Carone will just have to keep his head up and hope that his team performs better next week as his team now has an 0-1 record.

What a great week for the Lingenhelds! First there was the big win for Mr. Lingenheld and now a big win for Ms. Lingenheld. Her team put up 133 points in a week where it seemed as though almost every player underperformed. There wasn’t really a stand out player on Ice Box this week so I just picked the player with the most points for MVP which was Deshaun Watson. It was an all around team effort this week for Ms. Lingenheld as 8 of the 10 starters scored 10 or more points. I would be very happy if I were Ms. Lingenheld because it is always important to start off the season with a win. Ice Box now has a 1-0 record. 

Updated Standings
1. Koo Koo for Koo (Mr. Fischer): 1-0
2. Ice Box (Ms. Lingenheld): 1-0
3. WIN Time (Mr. Lingenheld): 1-0
4. Executive Fumbling (Mr. Newbury): 0-1
4. Ezekiel Elliot Rosen (Mr. DeRienzo): 0-1
4. Thaler Swift (Ms. Thaler): 0-1

1. Buffalo Blitz (Ms. Kriegel) 1-0
2. Fully Charged (Mr. Sacco): 1-0
3. Antonio’s Exit Plan (Mr. Swallen) 1-0
4. CUBOCLOT (Mr. Moskowitz): 0-1
4. Puppy Bowl (Mr. Byrnes): 0-1
4. Speed Rules (Mr. Carone): 0-1




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