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The Super Bowl Storylines

The Super Bowl Storylines
Sean Jakobson, '26

For those of you who are planning on having the Super Bowl on your TV on Sunday night, whether at a party or at home, but really don’t care about football, we have you covered. Here are some of the “non-football” storylines that don’t involve playcalls, x’s and o’s, or anything other than superstars, personalities, and history in the making. After reading this, you can join in all the game conversations at your Super Bowl gatherings, and maybe even decide which team to root for!

Entertainment Storylines 
Taylor Swift

Ever since her first appearance at a Chiefs game on Sept. 24, she’s been THE story of the NFL season. Coming off of her fourth Album of the Year win at Sunday night’s Grammys, being the only one to do it, Taylor Swift will be attending the Super Bowl. There were concerns about her being able to make it to the big game in time, due to a concert performance in Japan on Saturday, but that has been figured out and she should arrive from Japan with plenty of time to spare. Taylor will be attending her 13th game this season and many believe this is on purpose, as all Swifties know that 13 is a lucky number for her. Some people believe that Travis could propose after the big game. No matter what occurs I predict this will be the most watched Super Bowl due to Taylor Swift. Even if they show her one too many times, she is good for the game and is allowing it to reach a new audience. 

Is the NFL scripted? 
The NFL being scripted is a major theory that is floating around online. One idea comes from the promo colors of the Super Bowl logo; the theory being that they match the teams that are playing in the Super Bowl, and that the team on the bottom is the winner. Many predicted the Ravens and 49ers due to the color matching but they do not match up this year, except if you think of the 49ers and Taylor Swift’s favorite color being lavender or purple. Some also say that since Taylor will be in attendance, the refs will make the Chiefs win. There are many different theories, but I guess we will have to tune in to find out. 

I feel like Usher has been pushed to the side when talking about the Super Bowl. Yet, I think he will have a great performance. He performed in the Super Bowl back in 2013 to sing his hit song “OMG” with Usher has many massive hits so cramming it into a 12-15 set will be tough. I hope to see some of my favorites in a well-written medley. 

Some people are not watching the Super Bowl for the game, but for the commercials that come with it. Many car companies are not doing them this year due to the extreme prices ($7M) that come with the 30 seconds of airtime. There are many companies that will be making an appearance, from Geico’s Caveman to the Coors Light Chill Train. Grubhub, M&M’s and Lay’s are expected to be there as well. Are you a commercial person? 

Chiefs Storylines

A Possible Dynasty in the Making
In the NFL if a team gets three championships in five years they are considered a Dynasty. 
Some teams of the past include the New England Patriots 2001-2019, the 49ers from 1984-1991, and the Cowboys from 1992-1996. The Chiefs would join these esteemed teams in history if they win this year. 

Patrick Mahomes 
Mahomes has been under a lot of fire this season, from complaining about the refs to having one of his worst regular season records. Mahomes still had a great season going 10-6 and getting the 3rd seed in the AFC. Mahomes also proved himself by beating both the Bills and Ravens on the road in the playoffs. Mahomes has now gone 17-3 in his playoffs career, only losing to Tom Brady twice and to Joe Burrow once. If Mahomes wins this Super Bowl, he will be on pace to shatter Tom Brady's total Super Bowl wins and many of his other records. Mahomes can put himself into the GOAT conversation with a domination victory this weekend.

49ers Storylines

Mr. Irrelevant  
Brock Purdy was drafted last in the 2022 Draft with the “Mr. Irrelevant” pick. He could become only the third-ever Mr. Irrelevant to win a Super Bowl, but he’ll mark his spot in history as the first Irrelevant quarterback to win. Brock also still lives in an apartment with roommates, and he is only guaranteed $77,008 and over four years, will get paid just under $4 million, which is extremely small compared to the $200 million some quarterbacks are guaranteed now. 

McCaffrey and Shanahan again? 
The last time the 49ers won a Super Bowl, Mike Shanahan, the father of 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan, was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers while Ed McCaffrey, the father of 49ers WR Christian McCaffrey, was a wide receiver. Maybe the new Shanahan/McCaffrey duo could bring a Lombardi trophy back to Santa Clara. 

Speaking of Kyle Shanahan  
Kyle Shanahan was the Offensive Coordinator for the 2017 Falcons, which was the team that was up 28-3 against the Patriots in Super Bowl 51 and then lost 34-28. Can he overcome the horrors of his past? Shanahan also has another thing against him – he is currently 1-37 when down 8+ points in the fourth quarter. So, can Shanahan win his first Super Bowl even with the odds against him?

For the past five years, the 49ers have been one of, if not the top, team in the NFL each year, but have fallen short each time. This one could be different with their best roster yet. Can they stop the new Dynasty and mark their own spot at the top? Or do they let the Chiefs become the new Patriots? 

Now, who would you like to see win the Super Bowl? Taylor’s boyfriend? McCaffrey/Shanahan Part 2? Mr. Irrelevant? Are you hoping for a dynasty? Or are you just there to watch Usher and the commercials? Yeah!
Watch these storylines play out on Sunday night, starting at 6:30pm. 

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