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The Logan Project's Super Bowl Connection

The Logan Project's Super Bowl Connection
Gus Aspillaga, '25

The Logan Project
As we head into the Super Bowl this weekend, one of the most talked about players is Christian McCaffrey, a running back for the San Francisco 49ers. This week I will be talking about Logan Hale, who went to Wooster, and his incredible tie to McCaffrey. (The Logan Project)

Who Was Logan?
Logan Hale was a Wooster student in 4th grade, in 2018-19, and the younger brother of Ethan Hale, who graduated in 2022. Logan suffered from leukemia and battled it for multiple years but tragically passed away in December of 2021. Logan had a lot of heart and loved both football and playing video games, along with many other sports. He was a blackbelt in taekwondo but football was always his favorite. While he was in the hospital he wanted to be able to connect with his friends, and he dreamed that all kids stuck in the hospital with cancer would be able to do this. He had a big impact in his short time at Wooster but was very close to a lot of people.

Who is Christian McCaffrey?
Christian McCaffrey is a 27-year-old NFL running back. He currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers, but was originally drafted by the Carolina Panthers. He has been in the NFL for 5 years, and has been a star since being drafted. He has been selected to the Pro Bowl 3 times, and was the rushing leader for this season. He was named last night as the NFL offensive player of the year. He attended Stanford University, where he won the Pac 12, the Rose Bowl, was named the AP Player of the Year in 2015, and was named 2nd in the Heisman in 2015. His whole family are athletes; his dad Ed McCaffrey was a NFL wide receiver who played on 3 teams and won 3 Super Bowls, his mom, Lisa McCaffrey played many sports in college, but her main sport was soccer. His three brothers have all played college football with two of them currently in college and the other one in the NFL.

How was he connected to Christian McCaffrey?
Logan was a diehard fan of McCaffrey and during treatment would go to Panthers home games. McCaffrey, who was playing for the Panthers at the time, had heard about Logan and how he was a huge supporter and how he was in the hospital. McCaffrey, after making a video for Logan, heard that he had passed, and he also heard that Logan was buried wearing one of his jerseys and realized the impact that he could have on young kids. Christian was touched by Logan, his dreams, his determination, and how he wished that kids in hospitals could get the chance to connect with friends, and knew that he needed to do something to carry on his legacy. Knowing that he could make a difference, he created the Logan Project as part of the Christian McCaffrey Foundation. Currently, they have donated 45 different gaming consoles in 9 different hospitals, giving kids the chance to play with their friends, while fighting in the hospital.

My Cause My Cleats
In 2016, the NFL created a league-wide initiative with the goal of allowing each player to represent a non-profit that they support. Christian McCaffrey chose two, one of them being The Logan Project. In Week 12 of the season, he wore the cleats that had a picture of Logan on them. The cleats are being auctioned off and currently they are at a price of $33,000. The auction ends on February 16th. Cleats

Personal experiences
I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with Logan; he went to Wooster for one year, and I was in middle school and he was in elementary school, but when my family and I heard that he had cancer it truly hurt. Every night we prayed for him that he would make it through. When I was writing this, I felt as someone who didn’t have the most interactions with him, it would be important to talk to some people who did.

Vega Farro ‘25 
“Logan was an extremely energetic, funny, and a good person to be around, especially when we were competing at the taekwondo nationals. He was always determined to do good things, and always tried to bring people up when they were down.”

Alé Greco ‘26
 “Logan was a close family friend. I knew him through school, in elementary school, and a bit in middle school too. Our brothers are best friends, and we went on lots of adventures together, we had similar interests and he was very reliable. I could talk to him about anything, I could go months without talking to Logan and then reconnect like at a baseball game and everything would be the exact same, like we hung out the day before. Nothing would change, I could be whoever I wanted around Logan, I didn’t feel judged, and it was just funny to be around him… great guy.”

Ethan Hale ‘22
“It’s hard to say if Logan had one core dream. From the moment Logan was introduced to football he found a love for the sport, it was always a big part of his life and continuing to play, going up all the levels, high school, college, and the NFL was definitely a dream of his that was core to who he was as a person. His interests were so vast though I think that it would be unfair to just categorize his dream as being an NFL player. Logan was also really interested in gaming, for me alot of our memories are from when we bonded over our playing video games with each other. I know that he would often talk with me about continuing to build his audience online and how to grow as a streamer. When he got his black belt in taekwondo that was a dream he had to fulfill, along with him medaling in nationals. I think that maybe his biggest dream would be to help other people. He was always very cognizant of the amount of privilege he had and would always be thinking of ways to help other people. One of the ways he thought about helping people was by bringing in xboxes and playstation into hospitals so other kids would have the same opportunity he had to connect with his friends. Our goal of course with the Logan Project and our family foundation is to help realize this dream of Logan.”

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