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The Buzz Cut Epidemic

The Buzz Cut Epidemic
Anica Diaz, '24

From left to right, Jeremy Ortega, Jack Matz, Noah Ackert, Jake Beazley, and Jack Zahner rocking the buzz cut. 

Since the dawn of time, shaved hairstyles have permeated history. In many cultures, cropped hair was popular as it protected the community from the spreading of lice. This was especially true before the mass production of hygiene products and proper plumbing systems. The earliest historical records of shaved hair originate from ancient Mediterranean cultures such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome. 

Fast forward around 5,000 years, to the 2020s, where some might argue that the buzz cut is a style best left in the past. 

During the covid pandemic, many choose to dabble with and embrace the buzz cut due to the stylistic freedom afforded by quarantine. Two years later, in April of 2022, a wave of buzz cuts followed Demi Lovato and Saweetie’s choice to cut their hair. This increase in buzz cuts was so significant that the New York Times even published an article acknowledging it. Titled Shaved Heads Have People Buzzing, their article expands on the personal feelings of individuals with a buzz cut. If you’re interested, it’s an interesting read. 

Later, at the 2023 Met Gala, Florence Pugh rocked the celebrity spotlight with her new buzz cut. More recently, rumors have started circulating about Harry Styles after he was spotted at U2's Las Vegas Sphere concert with a close fade. Many fans took to the internet to announce their distress at Harry Styles' lack of hair to style. So, what’s all this buzz really about? 

To some, the merit of the buzz cut lies in its potential for self-expression. Many consider this hair style an empowering choice and a fresh start. For others, the benefit of the buzz comes with the reduced time spent styling their hair each day. Clearly, buzz cuts are officially back in style, and none have felt the rumblings of the buzz cut as intimately as the Wooster School community. 

It can be argued that the insidious buzz cut first reared its head at the Wooster School last year.  After the Wooster Ultimate Frisbee team won their first state championship, Coach Fischer kept his promise and let his team shave his head to celebrate. At the time, it seemed as though this was an isolated incident. However, this assumption turned out to be false.

The fires of the buzz cut quickly caught once senior Jack Matz revived the disputed style. When asked about his choice, the trendsetter Jack says, “The buzzcut just felt right, I had to do it.” Then, Liam Pratt adopted the look, followed by Jack Zahner and Jeremy Ortega. It seems as though every day, a new student walks into school and has fallen victim to the buzz cut. We can only assume that this trend will continue. (While I was writing this article, Noah Ackert and Jake Beazley received buzz cuts as well.) 

For the inside scoop, I’ve decided to interview fellow WiNK journalist Jack Zahner about his buzz cut. When asked about his decision process, he cited sports playoffs as a major contributor, saying that as team captain he “wanted to do something to rile up [his] guys.” While it was a long decision for Jack, it’s not one he regrets. Although his head is often very cold now, Jack remarks that waking up and showering is much easier. 

It seems that the opinions on buzz cuts are very divided. Are they a useful team motivator or a 
fashion faux pas? In my search for buzz cut truth, I’ve elected to interview other Wooster community members to gather their opinions too. Take each response with a grain of salt. 

“Rafe Cameron from Outer Banks is able to rock the buzz cut really well.” - Anya Ionis

“Some people can definitely pull it off, but others definitely can not.” - Kayla Falconer 

“I feel like the buzz cut is a very hit or miss hairstyle. For the most part, I like them.” - Benji Pastor

“Buzz cuts are not my cup of tea unless it’s Florence Pugh.” - Ja’Miyah Claxton 

“I feel confused and lost. Buzz cuts make me question everything.” - Lele Fleming 

“I think the buzz cuts need to end, there are too many.” - Anonymous Junior

“The buzz cuts are hilarious. It’s funny to see someone who usually has a massive head of hair looking extremely bald.” - Jacob Cotton

“I’m a little confused, but if people are happy and doing what they want with their hair, then that’s alright.” - Lynx Herbig 

“I don’t really understand the buzz cut hype, I am waiting for the trend to die.” - Joey Cerulli

“I think that only one Wooster School community member has successfully pulled off the buzz cut so far.” - Tina Zhang

“I think the kids with buzz cuts look good, but at the same time, I think that they look like potatoes. I want to rub their heads and tell them their fortunes.” - Jonah Bates

Regardless of how you feel about the buzz cut, I think that the reality is that they are here to stay. Personally, I wonder who will join the buzz cut roster next… Props to all buzz cut havers on rocking this style! 



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