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Meet Even More New Prefects

Meet Even More New Prefects
Teddy Porter '25 & Elliot Rosen '25

This week we are going to wrap up our meet the prefects series and inform the Wooster community about the remaining prefect roles and who is under this responsibility 

Middle School Prefect is a newly added prefect role to support the middle school. The selected prefects for the Middle School Prefect are Jack Foster, Vega Farro, and Lulu Simone. These prefects are going to work closely with the Middle and Upper School Deans. The Middle School Prefect works similarly to the Senior Prefect because they make the jobs list for the middle school and make sure that everyone is showing up to jobsl. They attend Middle School jobs to take attendance. They will also organize events in the Middle School Common Room. Lulu is really excited to have this role and she is also really excited to expand the Middle School dance team, as she is working closely with the middle schoolers. 

Middle School Buddies is also a new prefect role added to make the Middle School more included in events with the Upper School. The prefects selected for this prefect role are Grace Littman, Jordan Seng, and London Stormwell. These prefects are going to plan events that include both the middle school and upper school, while also creating a buddy system. Middle School Buddies prefects also take part in the Middle School jobs program and make sure that all runs smoothly. Grace is excited to include the Middle School with the Upper School. She wants to make it like a big sister little sister and big brother little brother system. London is also very excited about including the Middle School feel included with Upper School events and activities. 

The Communications Prefects this year are Ava Cilento, Michael Guillcatanda, and Sabir Sikri. They work closely with Ms. Kriegel, the Director of Marketing and Communication, and many other members of the faculty. They will support Wooster in promoting and marketing events. These prefects also run the Wooster Student Life Instagram account. Their job area is the Verdery Library and they are responsible for keeping track of their workers during jobs. Sabir is excited to keep the community updated and also make fun videos for the Instagram account. 

The Arts and Performing Arts Prefects selected for this year are Christos Chiotis (art / theater), Todd Muralles (theater), Andrew Oliver (music), Miles Stephens (theater), and Mackenzie Falconer (art). These prefects work closely with the art and music teachers. They are responsible for promoting events that are art and performing arts. They are responsible for cleaning the Art Building, the Music Building and Shack, and the Theater. Todd is excited to improve the Black Box Theater. He also hopes to encourage others to join the theater program as an actor, technical crew member, or both. Mackenzie looks forward to making sure the art building stays clean and also wants to make jobs fun and something for people to look forward to. Andrew is also very excited to keep the buildings clean and make sure jobs are a fun time. 

Student Ambassadors 
The Student Ambassadors Prefects for this upcoming year are Ava Aspen, Charlotte Purkiss, and Henry Yao. They are going to be working with Admissions to provide training and scheduling for all campus tours and shadows. They will also assist in the planning and execution of special events such as Open House. We had the chance to talk with one of the Ambassadors Prefects, Charlotte Purkiss, to learn about her plans for this role. She talked about how she wanted to help the underclassmen feel comfortable giving tours and continue to advertise the school as a positive community!

Alumni Development
The Alumni Development prefects are Benjy Pastor, Lucca Carlevarini, and Teddy Trippe. They will work closely with the development team. Also, they will assist in organizing events such as the “Day of the General” and “Grandparents Day.”  They will help in the Archives, which preserves the history of the school. Benjy Pastor talked about his plans for this role, saying “My plan is to make things fun, write about the archives for WiNK, make fun events for the Alumni, and make sure Alumni have a good time when returning to campus.”

Equity and Inclusion
The Equity and Inclusion prefects for the 2024-25 school year are Austin Etzbach, Toni Erian, and Eden Zhang. They will work closely with the Director of Equity and Justice Center, as well as other faculty. They will assist in promoting Equity and Inclusion initiatives and look for volunteers to help younger members of the community. We were able to speak to Austin about his plans for the roles and he gave us a hefty response. “In my new leadership role, I am resolved to advance equity and inclusion throughout our campus realm. My foremost goal is to cultivate an environment most inclusive, wherein each student feels valued and respected, notwithstanding their diverse backgrounds. I do intend to initiate and support programs that promote diversity and provide succor to those groups underrepresented. Moreover, I shall travail closely with faculty, staff, and students to address any systemic grievances, ensuring that our edicts reflect our steadfast commitment to equity. Through open discourse, educational enterprises, and collaborative labors, I aspire to create a culture within our halls that celebrate diversity and foster a sense of belonging for all souls within our community.”

Good luck to all of our new prefects! We look forward to seeing what you do next year.

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