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First Trimester Comes To An End

First Trimester Comes To An End
Lucy Newman, '27, & Charlotte Colman, '27


 As the trimester comes to an end we want to look back on moments that stood out during the Fall Trimester. From the heatwave that plagued our first week of school, to Homecoming weekend, to this past week, we had ups and downs but overall, it was a very successful first trimester. In the first week of school, there was a massive heatwave that impacted our opening-day schedule to keep everyone safe. On September 7th, sports were canceled to keep everyone safe, and most of that week practices were held inside. Convocation, which is classically event dress, was changed to a “relaxed event dress,” and the Wooster Olympics was canceled. Some members of the community said that it was “terrible”, but others said it was nice because “it’s the last one of summer.” 
    The trimester ending also means that we’re wrapping up our fall sports, and as bittersweet as it is, the 2023 season was very successful. Girls cross country won HVALS, and the boys varsity soccer team won HVALS and are currently playing in NEPSACS. Today, they traveled to Rhode Island to compete in the semifinals of NEPSACS, after their victory against Storm King. In addition to that, the girls volleyball team, the girls soccer team, and the boys cross country team all had losses during HVALS, but had overall really good seasons. 
    I think we can all agree that the community of Wooster is unlike any other, and one contributing factor into this are all the great school activities and events that occur. As sad as it was that the Wooster Olympics were canceled, it was replaced by a super fun afternoon of yard games, face painting, and pizza. There was some intense spikeball going on, while the seniors did spooky season themed face paint. For actual Halloween, the upperclassmen planned a fun dance, and the middle schoolers had their annual Spooktacular. It was a lively way to celebrate the holiday, and get to have fun with friends. 
    Overall, trimester 1 has been very eventful and we’ve made many memories. New students are becoming adjusted, and getting comfortable with all their classes and teachers. We had the most successful Open House of all time, as well as a well attended Homecoming weekend, despite the rain. As seasons change, we can look forward to new opportunities like basketball season and new classes. We hope the winter trimester is as successful and fun as the fall, and we wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

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