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DQ Day Dodgeball: Friendly Competition for a Good Cause

DQ Day Dodgeball: Friendly Competition for a Good Cause
Elliot Rosen '25

FCP Dodgeball

The Burger Kings of DQ Day Dodgeball

This DQ Day, students and faculty were able to participate in one the most highly anticipated events. The Dodgeball tournament was back and better than ever. Run by me, Elliot Rosen ‘25, and Gus Aspillaga ‘25, the annual tournament raised money to send to Full Court Peace. Full Court Peace is a non-profit organization with a goal to rebuild courts in impoverished communities. Yes, this tournament was just for fun and had no reward, but it got taken very seriously this year. With a total of 7 teams, there were two separate brackets in order to determine the championship. Two teams stood out from the pack as “The Burgers'' (Elliot Rosen ‘25, Jack Zahner ‘24, Noah Ackert ’24, Peyton Mancini ‘24, Jack Matz ‘24, Thomas Renken ‘25, Jack Matz ‘25, and Jack Beazley ‘25) started off 2-0 and received a bye to the semi-finals, and “Team 1” (Sean Jakobson ‘26, Dion Vinca ‘27, Will Newman ‘26, Brooks Fischer ‘27, Christian Ewers ‘26, Ronan O’Halloren ‘26, Johnny Ceballos ‘26, Yiorgos Rountos ‘27) received a bye as well. Students packed the stands to see the final games played out. 

The Burgers and Team 1 were able to mow down their opponents to move to the championship. The atmosphere was tense, and to be able to play in the championship was an honor already, but both teams were eager to take the crown. The championship was played in a best of 3 series in the Forever Young Gym. It was a group of upperclassmen VS. a group of lower classmen. The first game was extremely close with several controversial calls from the student referees (Sabir Sikri ‘25 and Abbe Kanfer ‘25). The Burger ended up winning the first game and they didn’t look back. The second game lasted just a couple of minutes and the team was crowned “Burger King.” Overall, this was a very exciting and successful fundraiser as over $500 was put forth towards Full Court Peace. This exciting event was just one of several fun activities on DQ Day. If you are wondering about what a day in the life of a student on DQ Day looks like, check out Sabir Sikri’s WiNK video this week!

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