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Athlete of the Week: Special Edition

Athlete of the Week: Special Edition
Elliot Rosen '25

Jack Zahner Athlete of the Week Recognition

As many of you may know, I am not the normal Athlete of the Week writer. Throughout this year and last year, Jack Zahner ‘24 has been giving us updates every week on the stellar athletic performances by people in our Wooster community. 

The one issue is, Jack Zahner never wrote about himself. This article is dedicated to making up for the times when he deserved recognition, but ended up going unnoticed. To give a slight overview,

Jack plays three sports on the Varsity level. These sports are: Ultimate Frisbee. Also, Jack is the captain of these three sports at Wooster.

It is sad to know that we are losing a very strong athlete, but it is certain that he has made his mark on Wooster sports. Jack has been a part of several winning teams and has filled his trophy case with 5 HVAL championships, 2 State championships, and 2 NEPSAC championships. These numbers are incredible considering that there were no sports his freshman year at Wooster due to COVID. 

Along with these stellar team awards is his impressive collection of solo awards. This year alone, Jack Zahner went All-NEPSAC in Soccer, All-State First Team (includes public school) in Ultimate Frisbee, All-HVAL in Soccer, and he was an All-Star in Ultimate Frisbee. Along with these league-wide accomplishments are his school-wide sports accomplishments. This year at the Undergraduate Sports Awards ceremony, Zahner took home the MVP in Ultimate on a team that was ranked 16 in the nation, and the General's Award for Basketball. 

It is safe to say that Jack Zahner is pretty good at the sports that he plays. It isn’t just pure athleticism that got Jack to where he is now, it is his impressive work ethic and his amazing leadership that helps him and everyone around him become a better player and person. 


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