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At Wooster, Many Name Are The Same

At Wooster, Many Name Are The Same
Anica Diaz, '24

Jacks... Wills... Avas... Ben Horns... even Corrie Herrmann... check out some of the common, or repeat names we have here at Wooster!

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Happy Summer!
Ava Cilento '25

It's (almost) summer! Since this is the last issue of WiNK before we head out for our final break of the year, Ava enlists the help of others to wish us all a happy summer.

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Adios Ms. Hooper!
Charlotte Colman '27, Campbell Juan '27, Lucy Newman '27 & Sadie Wilson '27

After five years, Ms. Hooper is leaving Wooster to travel (even more!). Campbell, Lucy, Charlotte and Sadie work together to give her proper sendoff. Thank you, Ms. Hooper! 

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