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All In The Timing Wins Best Contemporary Play!

All In The Timing Wins Best Contemporary Play!
Hannah Rogell '26

Hi! I’d like to first thank everyone who has reached out with their support for my article about Woosteria. I am so happy so many of you are interested in the great work of Mr. Young. Currently I’ve been scheming to put on a new edition of Woosteria for the 100th year of school, but we’ll see if that goes anywhere…

This past Wednesday I, along with a bunch of members of our theater department, traveled to the annual Halo Awards! For those of you who do not know what these awards are, The Halos are an award show for over 90 Connecticut high schools that celebrates and rewards students for their work in all aspects of theatre: acting, technical theatre, directing, and more. We were nominated many times this year, so go look at Lulu’s article last week to see all the amazing people who got recognized! 

After piling into the bus in our best glam, we took a quick pit stop at Burger King! I sat with Anica Diaz on the bus, eating Nerd Gummy Clusters all the way to the theater! Once we arrived we grabbed our tickets and began waiting for the doors to open to the main theater so we could take our seats. Man, it was LOUD in there! After what felt like forever we made our way to our section and the awards began! It was a very loud night full of screaming, talented performances, and awards! Speaking of awards, we brought home a couple! Our Student Directors received special Halo recognition for All In The Timing. The students recognized were Christos Chiotis, Lele Fleming, Anselm Juan, and Will Thaler. 
Lulu Gottleib, who choreographed Guys and Dolls, also received a partial scholarship to Dance Molinari! 

All In The Timing won Best Contemporary Play at the very end of the night, much to our shock and delight! After 4 ½ hours of constant screaming, we were all exhausted, but the win made us all jump out of our seats! 

My favorite part of the awards, along with many others, was Will Thaler and Violet Restivo's performance of “Sue Me” from our Winter show, Guys and Dolls. The crowd went wild, especially when Violet, or in this case Adelaide, hit Will Thaler, or Nathan Detroit, with her purse! Seeing our art on the big stage is an indescribable feeling, and I’m very glad I got to experience it. 

And here’s to next year's Halos! It will not be the same after losing so many staple seniors, but we will be sure to make them proud with next year’s Fall play and Winter musical!
Happy ALMOST Summer!

Here's the moment Wooster won!

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