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Revisiting Senior Reflections: Selah Hess

Revisiting Senior Reflections: Selah Hess
Elise Newman, '23

As a senior, I have been reflecting on my past three years of high school as well as thinking about the months to come. In DLI Humanities with Mr. Pannone, we touched upon the thoughts and feelings that follow. We talked about the various major events that are impending for the seniors. College applications, leadership responsibilities, planning school-wide events, SIS, etc. Mr. Pannone has implemented journaling for every student in his class that we will keep up with for the entire school year. This gave me the idea to start a WiNK Senior Journal so that non-DLI Humanities students can take part. My goal is that every Senior who wants to will have the opportunity to share their experience and then check back in at the end of the year to compare their answers. Hopefully, the senior class will grow closer due to the similarities they find in each other's journals and the underclassmen will use this information in preparation for their own senior years. 
    As it is becoming spring, I have decided to re-interview the Seniors that have previously been interviewed and see where they are now in comparison to where they were. Here we have Selah Hess who was first interviewed in early September. 

Looking back on the past months of Senior year, what are some things that have made it memorable? What are you still looking forward to? 
Some of the most memorable things of the year have been my senior show, getting presents from Santa, and when Chef Rick made a watermelon ham. I’m looking forward to DQ day and Junior Moving Up. 
Previous correlating answer: 
My senior year has been exciting. It's been nice to be in the oldest grade. I think my favorite part of senior year so far was Wooster Olympics and getting to run a station. I'm looking forward to experiencing more games and more community in my last year. And getting a senior poster for my sports. I'm also looking forward to the senior banquet because I'm excited to get together with our grade and have one final big experience together before we go our separate ways. 

What are the major stressors in your life currently? How have these changed over the course of the year? 
My major stressors are the kitchen, SIS, and chemistry. I’m all done with my college applications which is a huge relief but I’m trying to finish the year out strong. 
Previous correlating answer: 
The common app. Not a helpful tool in my opinion. It's too much to fill it out every time. 

What three words would you use to describe how you are feeling right now? Why these words?
Antsy, sad, lacking. Antsy: Even though all my applications are done, I’m still waiting to hear back from most of my schools. I’m also itching and excited for the next phase of my life. Sad: My High school years are almost over and I’m going to miss it. Lacking: I feel as though there’s still so much I could or should be doing in my very short time left here.
Previous correlating answer: 
Excited because it’s the final year of doing things and we are going to be doing new things this coming year. Reminiscent. Reminiscent of past years and the time I’ve spent with people and teachers who have moved on, and things I’ve missed out on due to COVID. Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with positive and negative emotions. Excited to be at school but there's also so much going on.

How is your college process going? Have you made any decisions or changes? 
No decisions or changes yet. I’ll hopefully know in a few weeks. 
Previous correlating answer: 
Personally, I am almost done with my essay. I have looked at applications but mostly it’s just an overwhelming process. I personally don’t know what I’m going to do in college which adds another layer of stress. 

What is your favorite class currently? Why?
I love my DLI Renaissance class. We have a lot of thought provoking discussions and I love learning about that time period. 
Previous correlating answer: 
My favorite class is Cinematic Storytime. We meet twice a week and we will make films and watch films to learn from them. It’s really just a fun class where I’m learning while doing something I enjoy. Mr. Stango teaches it. 

Final words: 
I’m very excited to start the next phase of my life and I know Wooster will be in good hands. I can’t wait to visit next year and see the state of the school.
Previous Final words: 
I’m really hoping future me figures it out and I’ll feel good. Right now I’m just trying to keep up with school work and get these applications in. 

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