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Revisiting Senior Reflections: Sophia Cilento

Revisiting Senior Reflections: Sophia Cilento
Elise Newman, '23

As a senior, I have been reflecting on my past three years of high school as well as thinking about the months to come. In DLI Humanities with Mr. Pannone, we touched upon the thoughts and feelings that follow. We talked about the various major events that are impending for the seniors. College applications, leadership responsibilities, planning school-wide events, SIS, etc. Mr. Pannone has implemented journaling for every student in his class that we will keep up with for the entire school year. This gave me the idea to start a WiNK Senior Journal so that non-DLI Humanities students can take part. My goal is that every Senior who wants to will have the opportunity to share their experience and then check back in at the end of the year to compare their answers. Hopefully, the senior class will grow closer due to the similarities they find in each other's journals and the underclassmen will use this information in preparation for their own senior years. 

As it is becoming spring, I have decided to re-interview the Seniors that have previously been interviewed and see where they are now in comparison to where they were. Here we have Sophia Cilento who was first interviewed in early September. 

Looking back on the past months of Senior year, what are some things that have made it memorable? What are you still looking forward to? 
Some things that have made the past few months memorable are deciding my SIS, my classes, and starting lacrosse again. 
Previous answer: 
It's been pretty good. A little stressful, and I'm in a little denial about being a senior. Cross country has been fun. I'm not really looking forward to anything super specific. My classes are fun this year so I'm excited about that. I’m sad and excited for the final athletic season. I'm excited about the Catwalk events that will happen and other events that will happen.

What are the major stressors in your life currently? How have these changed over the course of the year? 
Some major stressors in my life right now are my chemistry cards and my senior page; it's really hard to find photos where I don't look like a crazy person. My stressors have definitely changed a little; in my first interview, I think I said my stressors were college deadline related, and while that's definitely still an anxiety in my life, it's a little more in the back of my mind right now. 
Previous answer:
My chem paper. Because I don't understand his comments. Finishing my college essay and leaving Wooster. Because what the heck am I going to do after graduation?

What three words would you use to describe how you are feeling right now? Why these words?
Sad, anticipatory, and content. Sad because things are starting to come to an end. Anticipatory for the lacrosse season and being able to push me to become a better player for the team. Lastly, content because I am not scared of the college application process anymore. 
Previous answer:
Nervous, unsure, and happy. Nervous because there are a lot of unknowns coming up. Unsure because I don't really know what I want and I have to make so many decisions it's hard when you don't know what you want at all. Happy because I get to see my friends every day, I get to learn new things and I get to see Mrs. Wilkinson after school. 

How is your college process going? Have you made any decisions or changes? 
My college process is going; I've gotten into all my schools (so far), so that's exciting. I haven't made any decisions yet, but it's definitely time for me to start thinking about it. 
Previous answer:
The college process and I don't really like each other right now. I’m struggling because I don't have much motivation to do it. I'm only doing it because I know I should but I don't have much drive for it. I am excited to find a future career though. 

What is your favorite class currently? Why?
I like all my classes, but I think my favorite class right now is DLI Civics. I just finished up my Civics Action Project, where I sent letters to two committees to pass a bill on mental health support in the school system. It's been really interesting to learn about my role in our government and how anyone can make a change. 
Previous answer: 
My favorite class currently is DLI Art and the Making of Meaning because I really like what we are learning about right now. It's fun because we look at pictures, we analyze them and we talk about their meaning. A lot of them are in protest of something. I just did a project on Nancy Sparrow, a big feminist artist. It was cool because she brings in a lot of pieces of historical art and relates them to relevant issues. 

Final words: 
I'm sad my school years are coming to an end, but I'm excited to get into my lacrosse season and finish out my classes