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Our First (Real) Snow Day!

Our First (Real) Snow Day!
Anica Diaz, '24

Wooster School finally had our first real snow day of the year! Although we’ve technically had a snow day before this one, many members of the Wooster community hadn’t considered it a “real snow day” as it had fallen on a half-day-work-day. However, last Tuesday we were finally fortunate enough to partake in a good-old traditional day off. The call for the cancellation of school arrived at around 6:30 PM the night prior, which was amazing as it gave students the opportunity to stay up late without worrying about having to potentially attend school the next day.

In Connecticut, about 4 to 9 inches of snow were reported overall. This is a great amount because 4 and 9 are perfect squares and, in my opinion, pretty solid numbers. Also, this amount of snow is optimal for sledding and snow man making, if that’s your cup of tea. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Snowy Studio Gallery, a gallery open to all members of the Wooster Community to submit photos they take on their snow days!

Personally, I was most excited for this snow day because of the chance to sleep in and do nothing all day. (Although I did end up doing a lot of school work anyways.) However, I wanted to interview other members of the Wooster School Community to see how they spent their snow day too! 

Joey Cerulli: I cleaned out my room and then went to lunch at Hunan Noodle Bar. Later, I played video games, which was nice. 

Jesmari Perdicho: I had a pretty good snow day! I played with my dog, made cookies, and watched The Last of Us, too. 

Ani Valentino: I slept until 10 and I looked at colleges online. It was a very needed day-off.

Tina Zhang: I watched Outer Banks. I finished it and really liked it. 

Anya Ionis: I rewatched Titanic and then I did my homework. 

Sam Wizda: I had a fun snow day, I went sledding and then I played with my dog. 

Sean Jakobson: I went sledding.

Brittany Hooper: Although I didn’t speak any Spanish, I still had fun. I slept in and I read the entirety of Pride and Prejudice. 

Simone Prodoti: I napped on the snow day. It was really refreshing and I dreamt a lot.

Ava Honeycutt: I slept in till 10 am. Then, I went to the mall with my mommy and spent three of my paychecks because the economy is bad. 

Gavin Mellas: I shoveled my driveway with my dad. Then, I went to my grandmas and shoveled her driveway and cleaned her cars. It was a lot of fun. I also had hot chocolate. :) 

Maya Miller: I didn’t do much, I just relaxed. It was nice. 

Kodi Krog-Ramos: I relaxed and played video games, it was delightful. 

Jonah Bates: I spent the day at my friend's house. We played a lot of video games. 

Hannah Breen: I went to Starbucks with my friends then we came back and watched the Outer Banks together while snacking on candy. I also worked out and danced, it was a good time.

Ms. Lucic: I worked on a quilt, it was kind of frustrating but also fun. 

No matter what you spent your snow day doing, I hope you enjoyed it. Here’s to more snow days down the line!

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