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Godspell Ends Successful Run

Godspell Ends Successful Run
Anica Diaz, '24

I finally had the chance to watch Wooster’s production of Godspell last week! After having written an article about the history of Godspell prior, I walked into the Black Box theater confident in my ability to understand the show. (Perhaps a little too confident.) While I didn’t totally understand everything, the show was incredible and far surpassed all of my expectations. It was a joy to watch and the positive energy of the musical was infectious. The songs were also very catchy and the moments of audience participation really tied it all together. It might be my favorite Wooster performance I’ve seen so far, and I watched Clue earlier this year, which set the bar impossibly high. Overall, the actors and crew really outdid themselves this time, so props to them! 

Now that Godspell has concluded, I wanted to interview some members of the cast and crew to ask them how they feel now that the show is over, what their favorite Godspell memory was, and if they have any closing remarks.

How are you feeling now that the show is over?
“I’m sad that this will be the senior’s last show, but I know there will be more to come.” - Lucca Carlevarini, Leonardo DaVinci / Peggy

“I’m extremely sad the show’s over, I’m going to miss everyone so much. It was a lovely experience.” - Leon Sharma, Head of Costumes

“I’m definitely a little sad because I spent so much time with these people and now I’m not going to see them as much. It was still a really good opportunity and I’m glad that I got to participate.” - Leela Choudhury, Painting / Marketing

“I’m feeling sad because I had a lot of fun doing the show. A part of me is content, though, because we had a really good run. I’m glad I was able to make so many memories and had such a great time.” - Austin Etzbach, Martin Luther / Lamar 

“I’m sad, but I’m also a little relieved because it was a little stressful towards the end. I’m mostly sad though, I’m going to miss everyone.” - Ja’Miyah Claxton, Stage Manager

“I’m feeling sad because it’s over and it was so fun. I’m also feeling sad because that means I’m closer to graduating.” - Selah Hess, Friedrich Nietzsche / Glimer

“I’m feeling sad, but I’m also thinking about how much fun I had.” - Lele Fleming, Company

“I still feel a little sad. After the final show, I sobbed the hardest I’ve sobbed in a very long time. I wasn’t expecting that, so I’m still getting back to normal.” - Jonah Bates, Company
“Surprisingly, I’m feeling a lot better than I thought I would. Initially, I thought I would be absolutely distraught, not really knowing what to do with my life. I think now that it’s over, I’m just happy that I had the chance to partake in something so unique and something that has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I’m glad I was able to have this experience with such a wonderful group of people, all of whom I will miss very much.” - Will Thaler, Jesus

 “Sad. I had a good time.” - Joey Cerulli, Head of Lighting

“I’m sad Godspell is over, but it’s a good lesson in cherishing the memories you have while looking forward to the new ones.” - Todd Muralles, Sound Board Operator 

 “I’m feeling good. I’m glad Godspell happened.” - Sean Jakobson, Jeffrey 

“I'm feeling good because I thought the show went really well. Overall, I’m pretty happy about it.” - Jack Weinbeg, Construction

What was your favorite Godspell memory or moment?

“I really enjoy when Selah does all of her lines, they’re always so funny.” - Lucca Carlevarini, Leonardo DaVinci / Peggy

“Watching the last show was really nice, getting to see all of our work come together was a great experience.” - Leon Sharma, Head of Costumes

“In one of the songs, Austin Etzbach plays the recorder and I cried every time.” - Leela Choudhury, Painting / Marketing

“My favorite moment might have been dancing to You’ve Got a Friend with Will Thaler before the Thursday show.” - Austin Etzbach, Martin Luther / Lama

“During the last show, I sat there and made glow stick necklaces for everyone and gave them out, it was a lot of fun.” - Ja’Miyah Claxton, Stage Manager

“My favorite moment was when, on the last day, Violet ate cheese balls instead of just pretending to eat food. It was really funny and it made me laugh when I wasn’t supposed to laugh.” - Selah Hess, Friedrich Nietzsche / Glimer

“You know, drawing on Jonah’s face was really fun.” - Lele Fleming, Company

“I think my favorite memory is when every time during the goat scene, Selah would make a funny goat face at me. That whole scene was very fun.” - Jonah Bates, Company

“I have a few favorite moments. I really loved the part in All For The Best when I let the pocket staff go off because that always surprised the audience. I loved working with that prop in general. I also really liked the beginning when I got to dance around in my underwear, that was a lot of fun. I’ve really never done anything like that before. Another moment I like is when, towards the end, all of the disciples turn into demons and lift me up. It was really fun to be carried by everyone, it felt like a moment where we were all working together.” - Will Thaler, Jesus 

“The lights were kind of fun.” - Joey Cerulli, Head of Lighting

“One time, we were talking about if God will clothe us, and Selah said to Sadie, ‘you don’t have many clothes.' Then, Jesus proceeded to monologue for 25 seconds off script during a show about it. It was really funny.” - Sean Jakobson, Jeffrey

“All of Sadie’s lines made me laugh a lot.” -  Jack Weinbeg, Construction

Do you have any closing remarks?

“It was a really fun experience, I encourage others to join the musical if they have the chance.” - Lucca Carlevarini, Leonardo DaVinci / Peggy

“Thank you everyone at Godspell who made the show what it is, I’m really happy we got to work together.” - Leon Sharma, Head of Costumes

“I’m really glad that Godspell was my last show, I had a really good time.” - Leela Choudhurry, Painting / Marketing

“I hope everyone who saw Godspell enjoyed it and had as much fun as I did working on it. I really loved Godspell and love everyone who helped make it happen.” - Ja’Miyah Claxton, Stage Manager

“I hope whoever saw the show had a good time. Even though I understand a lot of people didn’t really know what was going on, I appreciate you all coming out and supporting us. To my cast members and crew members, I appreciate you guys, you’re all awesome.” - Selah Hess, Friedrich Nietzsche / Glimer

“To my cast mates, you guys are so talented, keep on doing theater!” - Lele Fleming, Company

“I hope you enjoyed the show because we tried our best.” - Jonah Bates, Company

“To those who saw the show, thank you all for coming to see us. As always, it is always super appreciated when we have even one person coming to see our show. It shows that you guys care about us and I’ve been so grateful for the community support that we’ve received over the last couple of years. Coming back from the covid quarantine last year, I was a little skeptical of how it would all turn out audience wise, but I was so happy to see that our strong start from last year got even stronger. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. And to those involved with the show, thank you all for making this experience what it was. This is a show that I’ve wanted to do for a very very long time, a role that I’ve wanted to play for a very very long time, and I wouldn’t have asked for a different group to do it with. To the people I’ve gotten to work with one last time, people I’ve gotten to work with for the first time, and people I’ve gotten to know even better, I’m super thankful for the chance to experience Godspell with you. For those leaving, it was a great last hurrah. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you all.” - Will Thaler, Jesus

“It was a good time.” - Joey Cerulli, Head of Lighting 

“To the seniors, it’s not gonna be the same without you guys.” - Todd Muralles, Sound Board Operator 

“Good stuff everybody, good stuff.” - Sean Jakobson, Jeffrey 

If my CCD classes had been more like Godspell, I think I would have actually paid attention to them. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you congratulate the cast and crew of Wooster’s Godspell because they did a great job. Thank you everyone for your hard work in putting on such an amazing show, it was a wonderful experience!

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