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Bird Dogs Make Wooster Debut

Bird Dogs Make Wooster Debut
Anica Diaz, '25

If you were at school last Wednesday, you might have had the chance to try out a bird dog during lunch! The bird dog was the talk of the town this week, I’ve never heard so many people discussing lunch together. The bird dog was even the topic of conversation during my advisory group meeting on Wednesday morning. 

After hearing all the bird dog hype,  I knew I needed to try it out for myself. The bird dog ended up being a horizontal chicken sandwich, essentially a chicken tender in a hot dog. However, the additions of coleslaw, various sauces, and garlic knots truly made this meal one to remember. I chose to add chipotle sauce to mine, and the combination of salty and spicy was to die for. We can all thank Hugh Rooney in the 7th grade for choosing this amazing lunch, and of course, the Wooster Chefs for preparing it!

A table of Wooster teachers had a lot to say about the bird dogs, and were happy to give their reviews. Everyone agreed that it was “innovative,” especially with the mixture of sauces you could select. Ms. Israel elaborated with, “It was amazing. Creative. Depending on how you dress it, you get different flavors. Definitely going to have smelly breath, but it’s good.”
Ms. Simard gave an animated review of the bird dogs: “The chicken tenders are perfect. Also, the softness of the bun contrasted with the crispness of the chicken and then the ooey gooeyness of the sauce, not to mention the Cole slaw… Look out, Guy Fieri.”
And, Mr. Nelson gave the lunch a “10 out of 10.” Everyone agreed that Chef Rick should add bird dogs into the regular lunch cycle here at Wooster. Thanks again, Hugh!

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