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Athletes of the Week: Jack Zahner & Molly Clark

Athletes of the Week: Jack Zahner & Molly Clark
Jack Zahner, '24, & Zayden Williams, '24

WiNK Male Athlete of the Week
Jack Zahner #18
Captain Jack Zahner takes home Athlete of the Week for the first time ever; this was long awaited. Named Ultimate Frisbee MVP this year Jack has been on the team since his Freshman year and has been an asset to the team ever since. His 6’4 frame and long wingspan helps him see over defenders and accurately find all of his teammates. He is the primary handler on offense and short deep on defense. His long wingspan and big frame helps him suffocate defenders. Last year the Generals finished the season 20-2 and swept through the regular season finishing 18-0 with almost zero subs. Going into CTUL States last year the team was the least favorite to win it all being the number six seed. They still overcame the adversity and made it to the championship game but sadly lost. 
This year the Generals came into the ‘23 season missing main pieces from last year's graduate class, but they improvised. They stole key pieces to this championship run from different sports, athletes with special skills that would excel in an athletically centered sport such as Ultimate. This grew throughout the season and became one of their main points of attack, the deep throw was the pinnacle of the Generals Ultimate offense. They finished 15-4 before the CTUL State Tournament. 
In the first game of pool play, the Generals went against Avon. With a little bus rust, they managed to capture a 11-5 win. They then played the Xavier Falcons, an intense rivalry that has waited all year to roll out. The boys dominated from start to finish, they shut down the Falcons the old fashioned way; by out hustling and outsmarting the prominent Xavier team 8-7. They then captured a win over Middletown, which was a phenomenal win, as well as a bit of revenge. (they beat the team last year in the state final.) Which led to the final, Xavier vs. Wooster, two teams with no love for eachother. A heated rivalry that has recently started to pick up as emotions flared in season games. The Generals came ready to play, nobody could stop their lasered in offense with Zahner at the helm. They went into half up 6-1, finishing the game 11-4. An astounding win to give Wooster their first ever State Championship! 
Jack plays a crucial role in this team, he wound up deep hucks all season to this athletically superior team, his arm sets himself apart from the pack as one of the best in CT. This was very present in the State Tournament, they killed every team by shooting the Frisbee through the air with Zahner's deep throws. He made CT All State and CT all star, a talented roster with multiple other Generals on it. Congratulations to this phenomenal team!

WiNK Female Athlete of the Week
Molly Clark #7

Speed kills, so Molly Clark takes the AOW honors after a huge championship game. Molly came out scorching hot, scoring 4 goals and assisting numerous times. Molly’s speed and agility dismantled the Williams Blues and knocked them out. She was adamant on not being disappointed this year after being defeated by one goal last year in the HVAL Championship against Harvey. Molly made sure they knew that today would not be a repeat of last year. She is a valued attacker and an asset to the powerful Wooster girls lacrosse team. Clark was a dog on defense as well, mercilessly riding and forcing turnovers. She was driving and passing while making the smart play on offense and defense. She scrapped and used her blazing speed to press the defenders, she won the ball back numerous times for the Generals on their way to a dominant 19-5 win. What a season and what a run for this team, so many seniors and phenomenal athletes including Clark. They paved the way for the next wave of Girls Lacrosse, this program is far from over. 

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