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An Interview with Ms. Gimenez

An Interview with Ms. Gimenez
Elliot Rosen, '25

This week I had the honor of interviewing Spanish teacher, Ms. Gimenez. She is new to Wooster this year so I asked her a couple of questions to see what type of experience she had this year. Let’s get to know Ms. Gimenez!

As your first year as a Wooster teacher comes to an end, what has been your favorite memory?
The best moment this year is with my Spanish 4 students. We sometimes have a joke everythursday and it is super fun. Also, in my classes we do Baila Viernes. This is dancing Friday, and we dance to a Spanish song and it is very fun. It is fun seeing all of my students dancing and we have a great time!

What is your favorite part about Wooster?
One of the things that really surprised me when I came to the US is the Chapel presentations. It is a great opportunity to learn. I learned all about different holidays from it. Also, the freedom that the students have is very cool. They can walk all around campus and have the chance to choose whatever electives they want.

What type of cultural changes/differences that you noticed since coming to the US?
The flexibility that the students have is very different. They can pick any subject or elective that they want. Also, students at Wooster have the freedom to walk around the campus. It is very cool that they can do that! Another difference that I noticed was that I only drank milk for breakfast so it was cool to see that many students drink it in many different ways. I see students at lunch eating chicken tender while also drinking milk. Also in a supermarket it is very weird that people just leave their shopping carts anywhere and someone just comes and picks it up. I think the biggest shock would be having lunch at 11:50am which is close to breakfast. In Spain we will have lunch at 2:00pm which is a big difference.

What is the funniest one?
When I met my neighbor and I remember the first day that I met them I kissed them as a greeting, and that is different here as it is just a handshake so I was embarrassed.
I watched the Simpsons a lot in Spain. I always wondered if the school buses are yellow and that big, and when I got here I looked and pointed out that there was “the Simpsons bus.” That was a very exciting moment for me.

What was the first thing that you noticed about Wooster when you joined?
I noticed that everything was green. There are a lot of trees around campus. I used to live in a university in the city and I never got to see this beautiful campus with all of nature. Also my high school was all one building so it was different to see that there were so many buildings for one school.

What is your favorite color?
I have different colors for different situations. My favorite is red, but when I have to dress I like to go with black and white. I won’t paint my room red but I really like the color.

What is your favorite animal?
Dogs! I have two dogs and I like when they come with me and they want to play. I also love when they sleep with me. I am a dog lover!

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food in the US is Pies. Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, any pie. Pies are the best
In Spain, it’s paella.

What is your favorite season?
I think it is the Winter. If I can cuddle up in a blanket and watch movies while it is snowing with hot chocolate and churros then I will be happy. 

If you had to coach a sport, what would it be?
I would say tennis. Because you can play and train one student at a time. I like the fact that it is a solo sport.

Who is your favorite student? 
All of them! They are all fun!

If you got to pick anywhere in the world to go on vacation to, where would it be?
Japan is my favorite country. I have already been there. I would love to live there. I love the culture, the food. 

What is a piece of advice that you would give incoming students to your class?
Participate in every activity because most of them are interactive activities and it is actually a really fun class, but they have to be prepared because I have to speak a lot of Spanish. 

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