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About WiNK

WiNK (“Wooster Ink”) is Wooster School’s online student news publication. WiNK serves as the student voice of our community, and provides readers with a weekly overview of what's happening in our students' lives, and it gives students a chance to share their interests and voices. The majority of the content is developed in our Upper School Journalism classes, but we also accept contributions from other students and faculty members.

Enjoy our into to WiNK for the 2023-24 school year. Next week we will be providing new fresh content, until then you can find stories from last year below.

WiNK Contact

Brooke Thaler

Publications Teacher

Keeping Up With... Daschel Knuff, '23

In our WiNK series Keeping Up With... we check in with a recent Wooster graduate to see how they're doing. This week, Anica checked in with Dash Knuff, '23, a freshman at Northeastern who is spending his first semester studying at the University of Dublin. 

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Wooster Fantasy Football League: Week 3

Will Mr. Fischer keep his 12 game win streak alive? Will there still be any undefeated teams? Will Mr. Carone win a game? And which team has the best name? Elliot updates us on what happened in Week 3 in the WFSFFL.

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