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Directly connected to our mission, students at Wooster School feel a strong sense of belonging to our community, build relationships, and are well known, as people and learners.

At Wooster, We All Matter.

At Wooster, everything starts with Community! Our students come from 50 different towns in CT and NY. Each student builds lifelong relationships and feels not just a sense of belonging, but mattering.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

This very special day at Wooster when grandparents enjoy a nice breakfast, performances by students, and spend time with their favorite Generals.  

Halloween Fun

From advisory pumpkin carving, to the Halloween Spooktacular, to dressing up on October 31 for Halloween, our school community sure had some fun and we wanted to share it with you too. 

The Wooster Community

When children feel a sense of belonging at school, they’re happier, more engaged, and naturally enjoy learning. Every day, we make choices about how we respond to others, facilitate connections, and all share responsibility for shaping our environment through actions and words.

Opportunity at Wooster

Students at Wooster School discover strengths and build confidence through opportunity and participation -- constantly exploring interests, leading, following, and collaborating. 

Meet Our Community Members

Each member of our community has a unique story to share about their journey to arriving at Wooster School and beyond. Enjoy each video to learn more about the people who make Wooster School, the school where you belong today!

The Aspillaga Family

Claire Simard

Krista Willet '75

Yabi '23