Wooster School: where learning is visible, meaningful, and personal.

Can you see learning happen? We think so. Visit campus and you will see students personally invested in their education and teachers creating meaningful interactions that empower students to think critically and communicate effectively. As students work to gain understanding in the classroom, we work to help them understand themselves; for learning how they learn may very well be the most important lesson of all. This approach to developing the whole child yields graduates with strong learning and thinking skills and confident communicators who go on to successful careers in college and beyond.

Wooster School prepares students for college and their life beyond. Each week, Chapel meetings provide a foundation for a character development curriculum that is intentional as well as practical. Citizenship, service, and stewardship are fundamental to a Wooster experience and every child participates, every child contributes. Led by Wooster’s seniors, Middle and Upper School students share in the care and keeping of the campus, working in teams with each student taking on a different “job.” In our Lower School, students participate as well, working independently and as teams to care for their shared spaces. Together, students make meaningful contributions to each other and to the community; but, their contributions go well beyond our campus. Wooster graduates complete 100 hours of community service. Each year, students select organizations to support with their time and talents. This work is the foundation of Wooster’s culture of philanthropy, best described in our school motto, “From each according to ability; to each according to need.”

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Why Wooster?

"I would give this place a 10.5 on a scale of 1-10. It's amazing - the seniors here are SO incredibly friendly it's great!"
~ New 9th grade boy

Dad reports that his son didn't really ever talk about school, but after his first 3 days, he couldn't stop talking about school on the way home and even at the dinner table. "I don't know what you all have done to my child, but keep it up!"
~New 11th grade boy

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