Gib Shea '18 - Posted 05/19/2017 03:21PM
On Thursday, the junior class visited NYC as part of a photojournalism project. They happened to be there on the hottest day of the year so far, and a day when NYC was in the headlines. Gib tells us more.
Josh Carone '18 & Cooper Byrnes '19 - Posted 05/19/2017 03:21PM
Is Aaron Coburn really buried at Wooster? Plus snack time, weekly highlights, and Josh's question about summertime -- all in this week's Weekly Recap.
Jackie Logsted '18 - Posted 05/19/2017 03:21PM
With Willy Wonka Jr opening this weekend, we had to get a sneak peak! Check out Jackie's review of the show after previewing it this past Wednesday.
Haktan Ceylan '18 - Posted 05/19/2017 03:20PM
On Wednesday May 17th, Brett Brownstein and Morgan Pagel represented Wooster at the HVAL golf tournament. Haktan interviewed the two of them.
Ingrid Li '19 - Posted 05/19/2017 03:20PM
Alex Wu gave a fantastic Chapel presentation about music theory last week. While listening to his beautiful music, we learned more about the story behind his music career, so Ingrid found out more.
Ollie Felicione '20 - Posted 05/19/2017 02:46PM
We all know that Drew Schnaudigel '18 excels at Wooster Ultimate Frisbee at Wooster, but he also played on a CT Select Team that competed in the Youth Club Championships in Minnesota. Ollie tell us more.
Cosme Navarro '18 - Posted 05/19/2017 02:45PM
Cosme and WiNK's biggest fan interview each other!
WiNK Staff - Posted 05/19/2017 02:45PM
Check out this week's picks for playlist!
Ronnie Cushnie '20 - Posted 05/19/2017 02:45PM
Breakfast is coming! Ronnie interviewed Chef Rick to find out all about this new development, and about what's on the menu.
Ollie Felicione '20 - Posted 05/19/2017 02:41PM
A few weeks ago, Ollie and Sartaj debated who should be NBA MVP -- Harden or Westbrook, and we asked WiNK readers to weigh in. Here are the results.
Sartaj Singh '20 - Posted 05/19/2017 02:41PM
Sartaj recaps the second round of the NBA Playoffs between the Wizards/Celtics and Spurs/Rockets.
Cosme Navarro '18 - Posted 05/19/2017 01:32PM
Find out whose WiNK was featured last week, and guess who's WiNKing this week.
Gib Shea '18 - Posted 05/12/2017 03:07PM
Based on the Strength to Strength Report issued by Mr. Byrnes, there are some physical changes coming to campus before next school year. Gib found out more.
Josh Carone '18 & Cooper Byrnes '19 - Posted 05/12/2017 03:07PM
In this week's recap: How to relieve stress during AP exams and Jamaican Snack Time!
Haktan Ceylan '18 - Posted 05/12/2017 03:07PM
In Haktan's video, in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, he asks students why they love Mom.

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